Christmas 2010

Saturday was Christmas. Christmas 2010. Wow. I cannot belive that 2010 is already almost over! We had a pretty good Christmas overall. It would have been nicer if we had gotten more sleep Friday night, lol. I hope that Holly outgrows whatever it is she has. Colic. Reflux. Gas? Ugh who knows, but all I know is being awake and fussing/grunting from 2am-5am (at least!) is getting REALLY tiring! LOL. BUT! regardless, my tiredness went (mostly, haha) away when I saw the excited expression on my older daughter as she turned the corner and saw the Christmas tree PACKED with gifts! Thank you to our family who made this such a special christmas for Katie 🙂 Holly got stuff too, but of course she is a little too young to really appreciate it! However, Katie is enjoying showing Holly “how to play” with her new toys, lol. Katie was a sweetheart, even though she didnt’ feel good 😦 Thankfully she is doing alot better today! YAY! When i saw our Christmas tree was packed with gifts I am NOT kidding!  Check it out:

So, needless to say, katie had a blast. This year was WAY more fun. I LOVED that she knew to unwrap the presents haha. It was so fun to watch her rip the paper off while saying “WOW WHATS IN HERE!” or “OHH A PWESENT!” or “IS THAT FOR ME!?” and when we’d say yes thats for you she would start jumping up and down (something she only recently got the hang of haha, its alright, i will blame our short stature and even SHORTER legs on that one! HAHA). So, it was SO sweet watching her. She loved ALL of her gifts! We did great budget wise with them too, which I feel were little blessings from God 🙂 She LOVES that Fairy House you see, in which she has this little small counter size play kitchen from one of her cousins in there. SO PERFECT!!! She loves these Melissa and Doug  puzzles (Princess Elise AND Nina Ballerina) too where you can change the dolls outfit. She pretty much loved EVERYTHING. She got an interactive read thing from us and from grandma. Grandma got her the nice expensive one, the leap frog tag! We are gonna give her that in a few months though, since its 4-6. The one I got there is no downloading required and its cheaper. Called “My Poingo” the little pen part has this slot at the top for these little cartridges (like a gameboy sorta) and you just sway the cartridge depending on what book you are reading.  There are only a few choices for books,I think its kinda new, but it let me know she LOVES it! HAHA, so she should love that Leap frog thing too 🙂 She really likes these things, but loves ALL her toys. She also loves the My Little Pony remote control rainbow airplane, (only 20 bucks!) which is REALLY fun to make it go all the way down the hallway of our apt building hahah 🙂 not sure if the other people appreciate it, but hey, in winter you gotta get her exercise in some way! right!? LOL. She LOVES her slinky! THANKS AMBER! 🙂 OMG she hugs it and says “I WUV IT!” HAHA.

That afternoon, after naps, for the girls anyway – no naps for us – we went over to a friends home. THANK YOU ELKINS! 🙂 They knew we here with no family so they invited us over. It was SO much fun! Katie literally ran around the WHOLE time, haha, barely even stopped to eat, well she didn’t really eat haha.  Katie’s favorite activity was putting black olives on her finger haha. She was cracking EVERYONE up that night. She is such a drama queen and clown! HAHA.

We had a great Christmas overall. What a special day. Christmas though, isn’t about presents, Santa, turkey dinners, or even your friends and family. All of these things are nice, but Christmas is the day we celebrate our Savior’s birth. He came to Earth in order to be a sacrifice for our sins. that amazes me. having a newborn, it amazes me even more, that someone could send their ONLY son and that his son would do it, because he loves us SO much and wants a relatonship with us. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! NOW! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂

             HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! 🙂


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