Top 10 things I could do WITHOUT as a new mom ;)


10) Living in lounge clothes. . .OR your pajamas. . .Wait? there’s a difference?

9) Trying to teach a baby the difference between night and day, UNsuccessfully! Reasoning with a baby at 3 am in the morning just doesnt’ seem to work, and you can’t always FORCE a baby to stay awake – unless the baby LIVES in the bathtub (though even Holly almost fell asleep in there the other day! GAH! LOL)

8) Changing 5 poopy diapers. . .IN A ROW! haha

7) Being pooped ON during those 5 diaper changes

 6) Smelling like puke and spit up

5) Being puked ON

4) Is it 3 am or pm? I really just don’t know. My days and nights aren’t confused, they just run together!

3) Dark circles under my eyes and looking like the Bride of Frankenstein most times

2) Being primary care giver, which is a blessing, don’t get me wrong, but its a 24/7  job, which is exhausting at times

1) LACK OF SLEEP! Sleeping like a baby is a crock. They seem to sleep when you don’t want  them to and not sleep when you do! If a baby could be born “sleeping through the night”, even 6 hours, I would have dozens! haha, maybe, course then I would have to relive teenage years too. I havent even gotten there yet and I am already scared haha!


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