Ready, Set, Go!

So the arrival of Holly Grace is mere weeks away. I am excited and a little anxious. I am mostly excited though. 🙂 If this baby is born around the same time as Katie, I only have 4 weeks left! YIKES! We shall see. It will be interesting to see when Holly is born in comparison to Katie, what she looks like, etc. I cannot wait to meet her. I think Katie is excited about Holly’s arrival too, I hope she stays that excited after she actaully SEES her outside my tummy, haha

Also, as for ready set go, Andrew and I have officially started helping with the new church project, “lab”, new church, within our church, valley Baptist. Sounds confusing I know. We are learning how to love like Jesus, and in that, bring others to Christ. So far, its been great. I have really enjoyed it. It is more laid back, more casusal more like a family coming together sharing love, ideas, goals, struggles, joys, etc. . .than a traditional church service. I have actually enjoyed the in depth scripture discussions, accountability time, prayer time, worship time – and Katie has DEFINATELY enjoyed being in the “big kids” church. She is the only one of her age at our church. Either they are babies, or 3.5 or older. . .so, since she is the only 2 year old, I am putting her with the big kids. She LOVES it. The other girls totally mother her, its absolutely precious. They help her color, they read to her, they play with her, they watch out for her, it so sweet. The teachers are awesome and amazing too. She found a new best friend in “Mr. Tommy” as she called him last night (my friends husband 🙂 ). I really think this service and gathering will help challenge us to really THINK about how we can love others like Jesus, how we can meet their DEEPEST needs, how we can share Christ and the gospel in a way that they will know they are loved and that Jesus truly DOES love them and deeply desires a relationship with them – rather than just spewing verses and the gospel in their faces, telling them they are bad and gonna go to hell – which 9 times outta 10, doesn’t work. I am sorry, but I want people to accept Christ for MORE than “fire insurnace.” I want them to REALLY undertand what Jesus did for them, REALLY undertand how we cannot be anything without him, but WITH him can BE anything and DO anything. I want them to undertand that God wants a PERSONAL relationship with them. So, I am excited that we have been ready for this, we are set in position to share christ, and we are GOING GOING GOING to share Jesus’ love with our communities, the people we work with, the people we live with, the people we share life with. Please join me in praying for this new venture. Pray it glorifies God. Pray it wins hearts to Christ. Pray we can show love like Jesus.

Unforntunately, I don’t have alot to say – even though its been forever since my last post. As other moms out there know, the third trimester can be tiring. LOL. I am so big and chasing a toddler, I am pretty wiped to do much of anything else! HAHA. So, it’s pretty much the same ol same ol each day. I have been blessed to meet wonderful friends here though. I am growing great relationships with them, as well as Katie with their kids. So, be praying for God to use these for his glory and to bless the friendships 🙂 Thanks everyone!


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