No sleeping = No beauty

As one can probably tell from this title, we have been having some sleeping issues. Some if it is Katie teething, some is just darned pregnancy insomnia that I am having. UGH. Honestly the main thing is Katie’s sleep issues lately. For the past few months, we will have period will she will just randomly wake at night. She has ALWAYS been a great sleeper, practically from the day she was born. She would have slept through the night if I had let her but I was paranoid thinking she wouldn’t get enough food, so I woke her. HAHA. She has also been a GREAT teether. . .that is until her canines started working their way down. I dont know WHAT it is about those teeth, but they are HELL! Now, to be honest I guess she is still doing pretty well. She is fine during the day and for the most part during naps, but nights are iffy. Now if she DOES wake from it, so far, its only been once and all it takes is for me to walk in, give her water, and she lays back down and goes right back to sleep. Now, that is heaven to some of you out there I am sure, but being pregant and woken up by your crying child shortly after you manage to fanagle your way into a comfortable position and actually FALL asleep can be frustrating. I go in, give her water, and lay her back down, give her her blankie and cover her back up and SHE goes right back to sleep, but mommy doesn’t, (and to be honest, I got frustrated and kept tossing and turning, wanting to talk, so, therefore daddy didn’t either, SORRY SWEETIE!) Though, I still dont get how after a night waking husbands can just fall right back asleep (most of the time he does), but we can’t.  I  had been doing pretty good at falling back asleep within 10 min or so, but last night was just AWFUL.

Katie woke up at 12:30 and I dont think I got back to sleep really AT all. I pretty much tossted and turned, layed there, tried sleeping on the couch, etc, until 5 am. Everytime I was almost asleep, some loud noise, car truck, horns, etc, would wake me up and scare the crap outta me, make my heart race and the process started ALL over. I finally got back asleep around 5 only to hear Katie stir at 6, then again at 6:40, then finally 7 :/ she woke at 7 and declared poo poo, so I am now wondering if she didn’t poop there at 12:30 and I didn’t think to check. If thats true no WONDER I kept hearing her off and on, ugh I would feel AWFUL!  I think my lack of sleep was  in part because I was so frustrated she woke up again. It has been going on a week now and its never lasted that long. Usually is a night here or there and thats it. However, we had company last week. She had slept GREAT for almost 2 weeks I think before that, but the FIRST NIGHT our company was here she woke up, and has woken up EVERY night since then. . .EXCEPT for Sunday night, in which I was NOT here for bedtime. Hmmmm conicendence? I am sure it is. I am sure she just happened to have a good night. But it makes me think Katie is playing me, lol. Like, oh well mommy isn’t here anyway so I wont call for her if I wake up.

I know darned well my child knows how to go to sleep and get BACK to sleep on her own. She does it EVERY night. She almost NEVER cries at bedtime or fights it. The only time she has EVER fought naptime is if I put her down a little too early, but after about 15 min of talking in the crib, she goes to sleep, haha. She has even sung herself to sleep at night after we leave, its really sweet. Also, heck, there are other times I  hear her at night and she doesn’t call for me. How she determines when to call for me and when not to, I am not sure :/ but she does NOT want andrew. We tried that. It took 45 freakin minuets for her to finally go to sleep and that was only after I went in! Andrew at first let her cry about 10 min (I had put her to bed, but then went to get laundry) and she just got more worked up, so he went in. He was in there when I came back in and did NOT want him there. She kept crying and saiyng MOMMY! MOMMY! Well he tried rocking her, etc, it went on another 15-20 min before he finally gave up. She kept saying mommy, so he said, ok you want mommy and she cried, yes, so I came in, held her and kissed her, put her right back in bed and she was fine! WHAT!? LOL. Even last night, she talked when I left the room, so again, I KNOW she knows how to put herself back to sleep. I think she is having teething stuff hurt when she lays down AND she is having some mommy clinginess right now. At least I hope. I guess I will continue to go in a little bit more until all her canines finally break. . .THEN “un” spoil her. Though, I am not sure how to go about it, considering all it takes is me walking in, her taking a drink, she most of the time lays herself back down and thats that. So far she has not cried AFTER I leave the room. It seriously takes about 45 seconds! I guess we will just start making her fuss longer before going in? ANY IDEAS THERE!? LOL. Even though it only takes 45 seconds, I dont want to continue waking up EVERY night, because it is definitly effecting how I sleep and it is REALLY hard for me to get back to sleep.

Gosh I love that kid. Maybe too much, haha, maybe thats the problem? Can you love your kid too much? HAHA, nah, I dont think so. She is such a good kid, we are so blessed. We (at least so far) rarely have any discipline issues with her. She doesn’t (again, at least yet) really hit and she has never bit. So, I think I would rather have a 45 second wake up call. At least I know it means she loves me, that she wants to know I am there, and she is comforted by my presence. I do love seeing her sweet face. I hate that she wakes up, but we BOTH need our better sleep. If she doesn’t sleep right, she can be a WEE bit hyper. Like me when I am tired. haha. My brother-in-law so wonderfully and adequately puts it “TBG” or “tired but giddy” LOL!

So, moms, thats what has been going on. I vowed that on this blog I would be honest with what frustrates me. I think so many moms are not open and honest about parenting frustrations.  When we dont talk about them, it leads to the mommy/child comparison game, feeling more and more overwhelmed, feeling alone and like we are a bad mother, or that no one else goes through this, so we MUST be doing something wrong (which I admit I have thought that recently too), feeling inadequate.  As moms we need to TALK about what we go through so we can help other moms through it. I pray issues we go through with Katie will help other moms when their children are at the same stage as her. So, this is what we have been dealing with lately. It is pretty overwhelming at times, espectially being pregnant and knowing that in a few short months I really WON’T be getting sleep :/ It would be kinda nice to get it well before Holly arrives. Though, I  have wondered if me having the baby is effecting her sleep. She is a smart kid, she talks to Holly, she knows Holly is in there, she sees me more tired, harder for me to move, lift her, etc. . .maybe she is nervous?? Anyway, if any other moms have ideas, PLEASE let me know. THANK YOU and we will take any advice or help that comes our way. We really are a wee bit clueless haha. Like I said, shes always been good sleeper, I know she still is really, and I KNOW she puts herself to sleep and can put herself back to sleep just fine. I know that when she DOES wake, all it takes is that quick reassurance from me and shes back asleep. . .so if it HAS become habit, I am not really sure how to fix it. I dont feel right about making her CIO to the point we dont even go check on her. There are some occassions that she has pooped or is sick, or really does need water, or is stuck and needs help, etc. . .so I dont feel right about not checking. . .


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