It’s been along time. . .

Wow, so this time it has REALLY been along time since my last post. A whole lot has gone on too!  We had a mini vacation with our family that we “won.”  LOL. I say won that way because really it was in hopes we would buy a timeshare, which we didn’t do, lol. So woohoo! we got 2 nights free in a hotel plus a 200.00 visa gift card! SCORE! We had a pretty good time too. It was nice to get away. Katie had a great time too! 🙂

Let’s see, next on the agenda as my BIG ultrasound! Everything looked GREAT! it’s a girl! I am very excited to be having another girl! 🙂 I, and andrew, had a feeling it was another girl 🙂 Her name is going to be Holly Grace. I cannot WAIT to meet her! She is fiesty already, lol. We will see what that turns into 😉 It is so cool to be feeling kicks again. I loved feeling that with Katie!  I am only 21 weeks and already anxious to meet sweet Holly. BUT, you stay in there for a WAY while longer, ok!? 🙂 hehe

Other things going on. . .we have just been really having to learn to totally depend on God lately. Our finances still are not exactly where they need to be and it’s pretty scary sometimes. We are having to totally rely on God to provide the money we need to pay bills. We had been doing great, but extra work here and there have not panned out like we thought. I almost had, no i pretty much DID have, an anxiety attack the other night when i was trying to pay bills and realized we did not have enough money in the bank. But over just a few days God has overwhelmingly showed us that He is faithful. The work I am doing for a neighbor has picked up, so I can work an extra day during the week. Andrew at least got another LITTLE job to help us out, and we have someone wanting to help with our groceries. God is truly amazing. That part in the Bible where it talks about God taking care of the sparrow and lilies of the field is so true, we just sometimes forget we mean WAY more to him than anything else, so if he takes care of those, he will take care of us. I admit, I still get nervous and scared at times, but I am doing my best to remember God has brought us this far, he provided when we had NO income, He isn’t going to stop caring about us now. He is faithful beyond anything or anyone. Praise the Lord for that!

My mom is coming into town this week. Katie loves her nana, well anyone really, buts whats really amazing is Katie recognizes my moms voice. I can be talking to her on the phone and Katie scrames NANA!!! runs over and shouts HELLO NANA in to the phone, kisses it and says I WUV YOU NANA! Its pretty sweet. My mom offered to babysit for us to we can have a date, that will be nice. We cant afford a date, but we can walk around, or browse books together at barnes and noble, perhaps afford one drink, non-alcoholic of course, lol. Speaking of dates and babysitting. We found a babysitter! WOOHOO! She babysat katie last week and katie didn’t even cry! As soon as she walked in (she lives down the hall, so katie already knows her) katie picks up a book and goes “read becky!” lol, plopped down right next to her and let Becky read to her. It was pretty sweet. I am happy about that. We now have another person Katie loves on standby for when Baby 2 comes 🙂 WOOHOO – gosh, I am still nervous about that! LOL! hopefully SOMEONE will be around for when I go into labor and have to stay in the hospital. . .eek. Man, I will miss Katie bug though, lol

Katie and mommy are continuing to meet new friends and having a great time here. I LOVE this age. I love seeing Katie interact with other kids, its so sweet. I especially love her sweet friend, Aiden, because Katie and him are the same age, so they have little conversations together, copy each other and mimic each others actions. SUPER CUTE!

All in all, life is good, we just need prayer for finances. It’s kinda scary, but I am trying to remembe – God will provide, He cares for us, He loves us and things ALWAYS work together for the good of those who love him! AMEN! 🙂


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