Fun times, new blessings, new friends

A lot has gone on since my last post. We have been going crazy these past several weeks! We have visited my family, as I wrote in an earlier blog, but we also travelled to visit Andrew’s family. We all met up in Pennsylvania to celebrate his Grammy’s 90th birthday. katie was excellent. Quite the ham, as usual. She also busted out with “YAY! I WANT CAKE!” really super loud. that was quite hysterical. All his family and the little old people, hehe, died laughing. katie, then of cousre, started laughing at herself, cause everyone else was laughing, haha. It was cute. The green icing she got all over her face was quite cute as well, haha! After we celebrated the big event, his parents came back adn visited a couple of days. We, of course, took them to the aquarium! It was a blast. Once again, Katie LOVED it. It was alot of fun! Definately fun times 🙂 and blessings!

Recently a friend from back in Alabama, who is on a mommy board, hooked me up with a new friend, Kate (good name!). Thanks Hilary! 🙂 She is way cool, and her little girl violet, is just precious. Katie already loves her and calles her Vi-Vi. HEHE. I am so thankful for this new friend. She already makes me laugh, HYSTERICALLY, especially when she went over wet concrete in the stroller today! HAHA, oops! Katie also met her first REAL kitty today! WOW, she went NUTS! She LOVED it. Me and my stupid cat allergies will NOT allow me to get a kitty, though I love them 😦 Well, zyrtec worked GREAT and made me unallergic to them, but its kinda pricey so we will we will have to wait on that. She loved the little thing though, kept screaming KITTY CAT!!! then laughing hysterically and trying to hug it. So cute! there was also a little boy there, Adam, who Kate watches sometimes. Well, wow, he liked loved Katie, haha. Hey even hugged her so hard once and wouldn’t let her go and just kept squeezing haha. It was rather amusing. Reminds me of that red monster on looney toons who says “I will love you and squeeze you and call you George” HAHA

Hmm, I am trying to think about what else is going on. thursday, HOPEFULLY, we will find out what baby kulp 2 is! 🙂 YAY! I am so excited. So, everyone  pray they get the baby in a good position 🙂 WOOHOO!  I think Katie will be a good big sister too. She seems to love babies and meeting other little ones (well, usually she is the smallest, but you know what I mean, haha), so I am hoping she will be just as sweet with her baby brother/sister. I know it is normal for her to have jealousy at first, or what not, but I think overall she will be great 🙂 I just love my baby girl so much, it is so unbelieveable to imagine I can love 2 children just as much! However, I already love this sweet little life inside me. I am only 19 weeks, but cannot wait to meet him or her!

Another update: CANINE TEETH SUCK! HAHA. The other teeth didn’t seem to bother Katie, but these have for some reason! They have REALLY messed up her poop, sometimes her night sleep, her naps for sure and eating. Poor kid. She is still happy as a clam, most times anyway, during the day, but come evening poor kid just is in pain. We give her meds sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to help much! 😦

One of my favorite things is bedtime. I love holding Katie and singing to her and  getting those sweet toddler eyes in my arms. I love writing songs for her. One I sing to her every night, as a prayer for her, I wrote for her and it says:

I love you my darling, I do
I pray that you sleep well tonight
And God and His angels in love
Will hold you, will hold you tight
I pray that one day you will know of God’s love
And what He did for you
And you’ll share that love with those around
and tell them of all His Good news!
My darling I pray this for you. . .Oh Katie I love you I do!

this is my greatest prayer for Katie, adn for all our future children. . .That by us, hopefully, being good examples of christ’s love to them, sharing the gospel with them, loving them as christ loves, etc, that they will chose to accept the free gift of salvation, that they will understand Christ’s sacrifice for them, and in return, become so passionate about sharing they will be an even bigger light than me and make a bigger impact!


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