Planes, Cars, and Cookies

It’s time for a trip.  This will be the first of many! This week we are travelling to see my mom and sister in Austin, TX. My little sister is getting married! Well, ok, so she isn’t THAT little. She is taller than both me AND my mom! HAHA. I am so excited for her and I can definately USE the break AND the girliness 🙂 hehe. 4th of July weekend we are going, just for a night, to PA to see Andrew’s grammy for her 90th birthday! We will see his other family too, which will be great. We haven’t seen them in ages. Then, for our annivesary weekend (we didnt do it on purpose, it just fell that way) we are going to Williamsburg, VA for 2 nights 3 days! We WON it! WOOHOO!

This trip is the only one we are flying for. The flight is aout 3-3.5 hours (hopefully we wont get stuck, ugh) so I am not necessarily looking forward to flying with a near 2 year old who wants to walk and run and climb, and attemping to jump, everwhere! She DOES love talking and talking to people, so perhaps we will just let her wander the isles? haha.  better yet! the flight attendants should put her to work and let her serve the guests! HAHA. Katie would eat that up! So, I am coming prepared! I got new crayons, paper, new books, a new toy, as well as some of her other favorites. I got snacks, snacks and MORE snacks, lol. I bought her sometihng new. Those little pink and white animal cookies with the sprinkles? OOO I love those! Ok, so I have gotten them more for myself 😉 I haven’t had them in ages, and hey, I am pregnant, the baby wants them! HAHA 🙂 SO, hopefully this will occupy her. I was also given a good idea by a friend. . .Twizzlers! HAHA. I love those too, so I don’t think I would mind getting those either 😉 hehe. She said they occupy her daughter for like 30 min! SWEEEET!  So, must remember to pick those up at the airport cafe, or whatever its called. LOL.

I am weird. I love airports. I am not so crazy about flying. i am not scared, just the older I get the more cramped and uncomfortable I feel. I am pretty sure it won’t feel any better with a toddler sitting on my “already losing space” belly/lap area! HAHA. We are HOPING there is an extra seat on the plane??? PLEASE!??? We are leaving pretty early. We opted to take the early morning flight in order to have it be non stop. I figured, waking Katie up a tad early and it only taking 3.5 hrs to get to Austin, is WAY better than having her sleep her normal amount, then having to have an hour or more layover, making the trip time total 7 hours more! EWW! I am not too worried about it down there. The trip back will be KILLER! We took the morning non stop again, but this time its even earlier. I will probably only get 5 horus or less of sleep. JOY. Katie will get about 2 hours less than she normally gets. Double joy. So I am desperately praying she will be OK on the plane! PLEASE baby? She is a good kid though, I am not too worried. She is overall usually really happy. Oh well, if she gets cranky, I will bribe her with cookies! HAHA.

So! off we go! It will be fun to see how Katie likes planes. She will probably scream white cloud the whole trip! LOL. Or white fluffy cloud! LOL. All I know is she is WAY pumped to see Nana and Aunt Laura. Everytime we got into the car, she would say nana? Like is it time yet? I would say, not yet sweetie, we have to go night night one more time. It was so sweet! So, everyone, have a GREAT week. I will write when we get back! Go and enjoy yourself some of those pink and white sprinkled, icing animal cookies! YUM!


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