Placing my Bets

So, I am 14 weeks pregnant today. Officially the end of my first trimester! Wow, I cannot believe it is already over. Though it doesn’t always feel that way. As I still get waves of nausea, headaches, and all the other “aches and pains” of the supposed first trimester. I thought this stuff was supposed to be over by now!? Not to mention I have had the WORST cold for the past week! I feel just dreadful. Even a COLD as hit me harder! I had colds with Katie too, but never this bad. I don’t even remember the last time I had a cold this bad. I guess I had it coming though. I had a GREAT pregnancy with Katie, so I guess it kinda goes back and forth? LOL. Though, I still love the thought of being pregnant, because I am aware of what is going on inside me. It is truly amazing. Even though I have not felt as great this pregnancy, I am still so excited about adding another precious little one to the family. I get to find out what this bundle of joy is in 5 weeks! AHHH! I cannot wait! I loved being able to call Katie by name, even in utero. Sing to her, make up songs for her, etc. I am looking forward to doing that with this baby too. OH! and bossing her around when she was in a rather awkward position in my belly! HAHA. Soooo…………in placing my bets. . .

I am going to guess boy! A lot of my friends do think we are having another girl, in fact, most of them say girl. My sister says girl. What do I know? I don’t know! I am mainly being silly because only a boy could take THIS much out of me, right?  I am more sick,, though most people say you are sicker with girls. My face is a mess, totally breaking out, ugh, I HATE it. My skin is more sensitive to things, I even have a rash! YUCK! Some days I even think it’s taking a toll on my hair, and umm, I don’t have alot to begin with, so ya, not good! haha. Though, I guess you could say a girl takes alot out of you too, well FROM you really. HAHA.  Their clothes are more expensive. They wear makeup. Their “need” more shoes. They have longer hair, more haircuts. Their formal dresses, like prom, are more expensive. I have to pay for the wedding! The bridesdress is WAY expensive. So, hmm, perhaps it IS another girl?? LOL! I change my mind everyday to be honest! LOL. SO, perhaps I am NOT placing my bets after all? I KNEW Katie was a girl. We both did. We just knew. We would have been really surprised if she wasn’t a girl. Well, we were right. Obviously. LOL. With this child, we both have no clue! Some days we both say girl, some we both say boy, some days I say girl, Andrew thinks boy, etc. Though most times Andrew says I know it will either be a boy or girl. Well gee, thanks! LOL. Guess we will find out in 5 weeks! We have already ruled our twins (at least I think so, unless one was hiding! EEK!) so I am pretty sure it will EITHER be a boy or girl. . .

Anyone willing to place bets!? 🙂


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