The Name Game

The name game. Andrew and I, of course, have been thinking through names lately. We think we have it narrowed down to what we want. However, it took awhile to get there. I am sure other parents can attest the to fact that choosing baby names can result in World War III! LOL. However, as the women, and other ladies tell me if you disagree, I think we should get a little more say when it comes to the name. I mean, after all, we are the ones going through the pregnancy! We are the ones who deal with “morning sickness” (even though it’s more an ALL day sickness), throwing up, aches and pains, backaches, trouble sleeping (though Andrew has issues with this and he isn’t even pregnant haha), being hot, pregnancies in summer (THE WORST), not to mention going through labor and delivery. Then, our boobs (pardon my language, but it’s true) get unimaginably large so we can be the sole source of nourishment for our child for the next several months to a year, which means it is hard to go away anywhere for awhile (some people nurse longer, omg, I cannot imagine. When the child is old enough to use words to ASK for it, umm, they are TOO old! HAHA). All of these things are totally worth it, and I am praying I can nurse this next child successfully. I just think this should give us a little more say when it comes to names! 🙂 Like perhaps 60/40? 70/30 may be pushing it, after all the dad’s have to yell the name at times too! HAHA. I would at LEAST say 55/45! Ladies! do you agree!?

So, we began thinking. Well, why not use the funny way your first child says words to come up with a name for the second!  Its would definately be original and unique and no one could acuse you of copying some trend. I mean, heck, if celebrities can get away with naming their kid Apple, Cocoa, Zuma, or some of the other “original” names out there, some of the words our kids say are at least better than those! So, we began thinking through many of the silly words Katie says, the cute way she says them, or the words she just makes up her own word for. She calls apple a bapple. Thats unique, right? It’s a twist off the regular ol apple, and no one could accuse you or trying to copy gweneth paltrow (or at least I think thats who it is). Katie makes up her own word for orange, so we thought about using that. I guess orange is a tricky word, so Katie decided she would call an orange a “nano” lol. It doesn’t matter if its the color orange, the fruit orange, or “nano duice”, she always uses the word nano. LOL. So, I am pretty sure that to Katie, nano is her word for orange. So you could tell everyone your child’s name means orange in gibberish! LOL! There are several random words she likes to say we could consider for a name. . .such as volcano! She usually just says cano. LOL. She learned this word from Dora. She tells me the volcano story at LEAST three times a day, haha, she loves saying that word. So, cano, hmmm, it could be a pretty man’s man name if you ask me! HAHA. Or how about the  name Salsa? I am pretty sure that name hasn’t been used, and it seems the common trend to name your child after food groups or food items. So, there’s a thought. It would be a rather spicy girls name! Just be careful, because I have heard that names can create certain personality traits! So you may end up with a rather out spoken fiesty child. haha. Hmmmm, what other creative names could we come up with. My friends little girls calls flip-flops, “pip-pop”, well wouldnt’ pip make a cute name! I think pip was actually IN some book, wasn’t it? Can’t think of which right now. A favorite of mine is butter. Katie calls butter, bubber. Kinda sounds like brother in baby talk. Or a really slurred version of bubba. It’s a thought, though I am not sure it would really fit up where we live, but perhaps if we ever move back to the south or to Texas or to horse country, it could work. Just maybe 🙂 You could do your own unique take on the name Barbara. Katie calls Barbara, “Barba.” She also loves saying the word taco. What about taco for a name?

Of course, I am not serious about these names, but I think some people may actually NAME their kids these names, umm scary? LOL. All I know is it is hard agreeing on a baby name! I will come up with names I just LOVE, like Lily and Clara, and Andrew sticks his nose up, sticks his tongue out and makes a face like he just ate a lemon. Really? They are not THAT bad. Geez. Our problem seems to be whenever I say a name Andrew says he hates it, whenever he says a name I say I hate it. We cannot win. We have however, most definately chosen the boys name, thank goodness! Girls name we THINK we know what it will be. We both like this name, but I am not 100% yet on the girls name. SOOOO, any girl ideas would be great! Though, Andrew will probably make his lemon face at them 😉 haha. The boys name we have chosen is Stephen Edward. He will be named after my father and my uncle (my mom’s brother). I was very close with my father, but he died when I was 12. After that, our uncle really stepped up and helped take care of us. He even walked me down the isle on my wedding day. My uncle is very special to me, as was my father. Girls name we THINK it will be Holly Grace, but, like I said, I am not 100%. There are sooooo many girls names I like, but Andrew does not see things the way I do, lol. So, we are still running through girls names, though it will most likely be Holly. Anyway, this was just me being silly. Andrew and I got in a silly mood the other day and started rattling off the most bizarre baby names ever. It was quite funny 🙂


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