The danger of saying “never”

I just wrote a blog yesterday, but I read an article today and felt I needed to share this thought with everyone. It is about the dangerous use of the word “never.” The article I read was about a poor sweet mother who forgot her child was in the car. She drove straight to work and the sweet child died in the hot car. Now, before you go saying this mom is neglectful, how can you forget your kid. Read the article. I can understand. It was not part of her normal routine. READ IT HERE. Anyway, I was reading some of the comments about the article and how parents were saying, I NEVER leave my child in the car, ever, not matter what the temperature, or how can you forget your child, I could never forget my child. It just got me thinking. There are so many things in life we say we would NEVER do, but you know what? Sometimes, we end up doing them. I told myself I would NEVER end up in an abusive relationship, but I did. I said I would NEVER give myself away before my wedding night, but guess what? I did that too. I said I would NEVER yell at my child, but Lord knows I have done that one too. Many couples say they will NEVER get a divorce or NEVER cheat or NEVER do this or that, and they end up doing them. Teens and college girls say they would NEVER get an abortion, but the sad truth is many end up getting them regardless of what they “said” earlier in their lives. The truth is folks, we are ALL capable of horrible things. We are born with a sin nature. We are born with a nature to do wrong. It is only by the blood of Christ we are set free from that. And you know what? Even when we HAVE Christ, we are not immune. We still sin, still make mistakes, still suffer, still have awful things happen to us. When we say we will never do something, it almost makes us that much more suseptible to it happening! Satan likes to work that way. We need to all remember we are all human, none of us more capable of doing something sad, awful, sinful, dangerous, etc, than another person, Christian or not! Yes, we have Christ as a Christian, and he works as our little voice to warn us or tell us we are wrong and convict us, but I am sure like me, you have often times ignored that voice.  Now, leaving your child in the car is not a sin. It’s a horrible mistake, but seeing the comments about it got me thinking. We just all have to be SOOOOOO careful not to say we would never do something like this or that, or do this or that. Because that, friends, is DANGEROUS. To be honest, we are all capable of murder. It is only by the blood of  Jesus that many of us can work PAST the anger, bitterness, jealousy, etc, that leads people to kill. So, please, when you see something horrible, watch yourself. Don’t say I would NEVER do that! Truth is, we are just as capable and it can just as easily happen to you and me as it did to any other person. So PLEASE don’t say never. Live life cautiously and with Christ as your Lord and guide. That old saying is true “never say never,” that is about the only time that the word never is used appropriately. Using the word never is inviting trouble if you ask me. It is setting yourself higher than others thinking you are better than someone else. That is dangerous. Pride is dangerous and pride comes before the fall. So, please, please be careful! We all need to be! I use never sometimes when I shouldn’t either. Let’s try and not ok? The only person who can TRULY mean it when they say “I will never” is the Lord God himself! Remember we are all the same, just some of us are blessed enough to be covered by the grace of God.


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