Luck be a Lady

I feel super lucky. I know it isn’t really luck though. It is blessed beyond measure. Wow. I. Just. Cannot. Describe. It.  Emily Michellle Wheeless Kulp feels like the luckiest lady in the world. I have a great husband, who I know even when he gets frustrated at me, loves me to pieces. I have a daughter who loves me beyond measure. Ask Andrew haha, last night when he was putting her to bed, he asked her “Do you love daddy?” and she answered “I love mommy” HAHA. Well, he knows, and I know, that Katie loves her daddy too. I do think right now she is attached to me, which I really love and treasure, because I know that one day she will be “too old” to cuddle, kiss, hug and laugh with me. She will tell me “Moooooooom you are Soooooo embrassing!” Lol. I know that day is coming sooner than I think so I am gonna soak it in while I can. I am going to treasure these next 31 weeks (or less if this baby is like katie, who was born at 36 weeks and 4 days!) because after that, a new little one will be entering the world and our family (please continue praying for healthy baby healthy mommy!) and it will once again change our lives, our family, how we live, how we interract with each other, it will change our dynamic. . .though in a GREAT way. I am so very excited!

Yesterday was a good day. Well, it didn’t start off so good. I threw up yesterday morning, yuck. I HATE HATE HATE throwing up. I would rather feel nauseous ALL day than to throw up and feel better. honestly. I would. I hate throwing up that much. I know right now that a lot of times I would feel better if I just did, but I force myself not to. I can usually succeed. However, yesterday it was so bad there was no stopping it. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. Poor Katie, she hates seeing her mommy sick, so I know it would have scared her 😦 That is definately good motivation to NOT puke even if I do have on and off nausea all day most every day. I am truly thankful for her because I think I probably would be sick more and worse if I didn’t have her sweet face and love to help keep me distracted 🙂 Ahh I love my sweet baby girl.

The day got better though after my cold shower, of cousre, lol. Yes, the water was out, after I had throw up. haha. However, the cool actually helped calm my tummy, so I think it was a blessing in disguise. I am known for taking REALLY hot showers! HAHA. Again, ask Andrew, if he comes to use the sink or something, he walks in the bathroom and is like WOAH YOU HAVE THAT HOT!? GEEZ! LOL. What can I say, I like it like a sauna! HAHA. So, after my surprisingly relaxing cool shower, Katie and I went to the bank and I cashed a check from money I earned! WOOHOO! 🙂 Then, we headed to the mall and she played at Tiny Town. WOW. she sure loves to slide. She was also super sweet to the other kiddies in there. she was sharing her crackers with everyone. I sure hope she continues sharing, though I am sure she won’t. She is about to be 2 afterall. LOL. Though, I have heard from many people that age 3 is worse that 2. YAY! haha, any input on this!?

Well! the day just got better. My husband’s office is now a block away!!! So, we got to have lunch with daddy yesterday!!! 🙂 it was so great. What a blessing that was. It was such a joy. I love eating lunch out, better than dinner I think. It was so fun!

Family really is the light of my life. I am so blessed. Some days I still feel a little lonely. I know it takes time to build friendships. So, in the meantime, I am truly thankful for my family. I am thankful for the friends who keep in touch with me even from auburn or africa or soon, many other states all aross the us. God is good!


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