Great Days!

I wish I had had my camera today. It seems I always forget it on the days I want it most! Though, with my luck, even if  I had brought it, it would have run out of batteries. It usually does that, lol. Today was a great day. Actually, yesterday was good too! Katie had her first dentist appt!!! She did so good, I was so proud of her. She, and mommy too, LOVED the dentist. She got a Dora sticker and pink baby Tigger toothbrush. Wow, she LOVES that Dora sticker. She LOVES Dora! HAHA.  The questionare I filled out actually had a slot where you answered what characters she loves. I said Dora! and guess what? They had a Dora video on for her to watch as she got her teeth checked (which are all GREAT by the way, yippee!)! And what do you know, I forgot my camera yesterday too. DRAT! Anyway, today. It started off as kind of a downer. I REALLY wanted coffee today. So I got the coffee pot set up, put the filter in, got the coffee out, opened it, only to discover there was like a scoop left, maybe not even! LOL, what was it even doing back in the cupboard!? It was rather irritating to say the least. So, I got the stroller and diaper bag and Katie and I headed to Barnes and Noble so I could get some coffee! We shared a coffee cake thingy and sat by the window. She just loves talking to everyone she sees and everything, especially buses! LOL. She is so kind, caring and loving. I hope she is always that way. Then, we had a blast downstairs in the kids area. She picked out a new “Toddler Search and Find” book. Handy Manny. Yes, Katies LOVES Handy Manny and his tools. LOL. Anyhoo, thats the book she wanted. Not princesses, not Abby Cadabby, not Minnie Mouse, not even Elmo AND, not even DORA, but Handy Manny. So that’s the book I got her. She loves books, so I am not going to squelch that love. I sure hope that sticks around too. We met a really sweet family whose little girl, 2.5yrs old, has a hearing problem. She will be going to get tubes in to help relieve some of the pressure that is hurting her and causing her to have poor hearing, which makes it hard for her to talk clearly. PLEASE pray for this sweet girl and for the procedure to work and restore hearing!  They were truly an amazing family!

Then, we came home, had lunch, read Manny, of course, then got ready for naptime. She likes to listen to lullably music for 30 min before nap 🙂 So we did that. I put her down for nap. Her nap wasn’t great, poor dear, was coughing and sneezing the whole nap 😦 So, I dont think she slept as long as she wanted, she was pretty uncomfortable. However, she still slept 1.5 so that was a good break for me! YAY! 🙂 After she woke from nap, we headed to the park. She LOVES the swings (wing she says, or just ing when she is being lazy or overly excited! LOL!). So she had a blast. She also went down the slide all by herself, sniff sniff, she is such a big girl. On our way back from the park daddy wrote me and said they were at the new office! So, we headed that way, met his employees and hung out there. Wow, Katie had a field day there, haha. She found catapillers (which she kinda jumped when it moved after she touched it haha), flowers, birds, trees, sticks, squirrels, talked to the cars, and buses, of course and played with “tickle” (they are these bushes that are kinda prickly, she touched one once and cracked up laughing and said they tickled her, so now, she calls them tickle, lol, its cute). She ran, ran and ran some more, climbed these HUGE wooden stairs like a champ, even came down them, with help, of course. There was actually one smaller step she went up and down ALL by herself, not holding onto anything! 🙂 Such a big girl, ahh I love her!

Then, we had family dinner at one of my FAVORITE places ever, chipolte. Katie enjoyed her taco, which she LOVES saying that word, haha, and talked to EVERYONE, including birds outside. She even danced to the music, haha. It was a GREAT day. I am BEAT though! LOL. I am pretty sure Katie is too. I hope she sleeps good and isn’t too sore from all the running around she did! HAHA. God is good! What a blessing it is to be a mother, a wife, and what a wonderful day we had in His amazing creation!


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