Someone wise once told me. . .

So, I am not doing very well at writing blogs lately.  I think part of it is my mind can sometimes be full of so much junk that it’s hard to pull out things I am learning or positive things. However, this past week, people have been saying things to me, some of which have really stuck with me. Here are some. Some are serious, some are funny.

1. Don’t move from one worry to the next
2. “Do, or do not, there is no try” Yoda  -ya, ya, i know, but a friend used this quote when I told her I would TRY not to worry. She was helping me realize with Christ i have the power to overcome it and to conquer worry. I can NOT worry, I really can, I can do more than just TRY and not do it.
3. Don’t LOOK for something to worry about, cause uh something may find you! HAHA
4. Don’t read garbage on the internet, it’s all mostly crap (HAHA, my friend Babs, she’s so funny. Gosh, I am so thankful for her. She no longer lets me “talk out” my worry, she tells me to shut up! HAHAHA. Just what I need! BA BAM!)
5. Watch what you read (I am realizing  even “reputable” or “expert” cited books/sites, etc, can STILL not be completly accurate, causing us to stumble, worry, believe things that are not true, or sometimes, make us feel better about our sin! I mean heck, most people would agree Oprah gives good advice, or Dr. Phil, but we cannot even take everything THEY say as truth, only God and His word are truth, period, end of story)
6. Take it one day at at time, live one day at a time, if you have a worry, put it in a prayer, then forget about it (thank you Melanie, love you lots hun!)
7. Don’t worry about what could be,  but enjoy what IS (God just gave me that one 🙂 )
8. If you forget to brush your teeth, drink some coffee, coffee will mask the morning breath smell!!! (HAHAHAHA, thanks amber, I TOTALLY did this one day and thankfully had drank coffee, phew!)
9. Wear a rubberband around your wrist, and whenever you find yourself doing a habit you want to break (worry, anger, comparing, etc), snap yourself with the rubberband a few times, hurting yourself will help you stop. (LOL, again Babs, though perhaps I should try this one, hmmmm, well andrew said, nah, I can just slap you when you worry, LOL!!!! he was kidding of course, possibly, maybe, I think, hopefully, was he!? I will have to double check that one, well, as long as it isn’t a slap in the face! LOL!)
10. Why do you continue to beat yourself up for something that happened so many years ago!? God is telling us, I have already forgiven you for it, I am NOT even thinking about it anymore, neither should you. (our pastor in yesterday’s sermon)
11. Follow me  -Jesus. This is all we need to know. If we follow him, our lives will be better and filled with peace. We will still go through trials and struggles and pain, but its better to go through it with Christ, than to try and go it alone. Christ KNOWS pain. REAL pain. He knows more than most of us could even imagine or will go through. Our lives will still be up and down, but with Christ that road will be so much easier than travelling it alone. Thank goodness!!!!!


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