These are a few of my favorite things!

Watching Katie grow is amazing. Everyday it seems she is doing something new or learning something new. Yesterday, she probably added 10 new words to her vocabulary! She would just spout off a word we didn’t even know she knew! LOL. She is also already learning how to “play mommy” (no, not pretend to be a mommy, I mean like butter me up and stuff like that! LOL!) hmm I am not sure what I think about this! LOL. I cannot believe my precious baby girl will be 19 months in just three short days! WOW! Everyone told us that this time went by fast, but I don’t think I quite realized HOW fast. It is true. It seems like the past 19 months could have been only a few months! As mothers, we all have some favorite things, here a some of mine. Mommies, please comment and leave me what some of YOUR favorite things are!

1. Seeing my baby’s face light up at something she REALLY loves!
2. Sweet kisses and hugs and love from my baby girl
3. having heart to hearts with her, even if I cannot fully understandwhat she is saying all the time 🙂
4. Hearing Katie say “wow” at something that amazes her, which is a LOT, haha, so its pretty cute. I don’t think it will EVER get old!
5. Seeing Katie “play shy” LOL! she is ANYTHING but!
6. kissing her boo boos
7. Katie coming up to me, saying boo boo and kissing mine 🙂
8. seeing her sleep, her little lips pucker up when she is sleeping! ITS SO CUTE!
9. Seeing how much she LOVES reading and books, how she picks out a book, says “book” then, “read it” brings it to me and then says “lap” and cuddles in my lap for me to read to her 🙂
10. When Katie lays her head on my shoulder

And, probably one my FAVORITE things to do, only becuase I know one day she will  be TOO big, is rocking my precious baby girl to help calm her down for nap, bedtime, because doesn’t feel well, or just because she wants to be cuddled. THAT is the best! I sure do love my sweet baby girl!


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