“Sucker” Mom

So, it has been a few days since I have blogged. Sadly, nothing really exciting has been going on, so I don’t REALLY know what to write about, but, since it has been awhile, I figured I should probably post something! LOL. Right now, I am watching MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” yes, I know it is bad. First of all, I am 29 and probably should not be watching ANYTHING on MTV. Doesn’t it have an age limit?? LOL. Secondly, yes, these people are obviously not married and having a baby! LOL. However, those are the kinds of people who sometimes need love, support and Christ the most. We should definately NOT judge them. We need to love them and help them.  Sometimes, this show is actually quite touching. Seeing that some of these girls really step up and do the right thing and be a good parent. It is kind of cool. Some of them even talk about they know what they did was wrong and encouage other girls to NOT have sex until they are married or have a baby until they are married. Anyways, I love anything about babies, really! HAHA.

Today has been a WEE bit nuts already. Katie woke up 45 min early cause she pooped again! She is kind of constipated because it was hard, poor girl. Not only that, but she is cutting at LEAST three teeth AND because of constipation she is having gas. Poor girl. overall though, she is doing SUPER! Naps are a little messed up the past few days, but she is still at least taking an 1.5 hour nap and sleeping 11 at night, so I will take that for sure! I would much rather her just wake up earlier than normal than wake up all through the night! She is a good kid. HOWEVER, today’s nap has been NOT SO GREAT! LOL. First, she woke  up after only 45 minuets. I am SUCH a sucker. I hear her cry and I am like OH MY WHAT DO I DO, poor girl, i better go get her! LOL. BUT, I was on the phone with a good friend who helped me stay calm and give Katie a chance to go back to sleep on her own. SHE DID! BUT, 10 minuets later someone rang the doorbell and our dog went BALLISTIC. Normally, Katie will sleep through that, but she had just gone back to sleep 10 min earlier! SO, of course, she woke up screaming. . .AGAIN. YUCK. My friend, again, said give her a chance. Why is it that when your baby cries it seems SO much longer than it really is. I asked my friend, oh my, she is still crying, its been like 15 min. My friend was like, Emily, no it hasn’t. It hasn’t even been 5! LOL!!! So a few minutes later my friend said, I bet she is asleep again isn’t she? I said, ummm yes. LOL. She had only cried about 7 minutes. BUT again, I am a SUCKER mom! HAHA. I always think she has been crying FOREVER and think I should go in and get her! HAHA. BUT, I have done that before, and boy, was it a mistake. She looks at me like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE! I was only crying out of annoyance for something messing up my precious beauty sleep! LOL. So, I kinda have to MAKE myself not be a sucker and let her cry. She is usually happier and more rested if I do. As weird as that sounds! Also, I need to start learning that when it really IS wake up time, it is OK that I don’t rush in right away. It is OK for me to finish what I am doing, reading, or working on BEFORE going to get her. She won’t die, she won’t hate me, and she won’t grow up with attachement issues or trust issues! LOL. She probably won’t even REMEMBER, no, I KNOW she won’t! LOL! And me being a sucker mom goes beyond her waking up early and letting her cry. When she falls or gets a “booboo” I automatically am like OH BABY ARE YOU OK!? most of the time she doesnt’ even ACT upset until I ask her that, then she is like, oh mommy is going to give me something, then cries, like she is really hurt, haha.  So, I need to quit being a sucker mom and just be. . .a mom 🙂


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