It is no surprise that we live in an iWant world. We “need” new things to keep us satisfied, content, feeling like we mean something, are important, and most of all that we are “keeping up with the Jones’s.”  Most of the things we THINK we need are not needs at all, but selfish desires and wants.  This sounds way harsh, I know, but it is true. If I have learned one important thing in this job situation Andrew and I were in this past year, and are still currently in really (our savings is pretty much gone and we are still not REALLY making quite enough) is that we can be content and happy on MUCH MUCH MUCH less than I thought before.  We moved up here thinking we could buy our own home with the money in savings.  That did not happen, obviously, because we had to live off that money when Andrew was laid off.  I have realized by living in our apartment building the TRUE meaning of the phrase “Home is where the heart is.” It is VERY true. I have come to LOVE where we live, the people around us and the surroundings. LOL, Katie even finds the sirens and city noise comforting,and in fact, she sleeps better WITH it! HAHA.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, one day, it would be nice to  have a yard and our own place, but I don’t NEED it.  God does not even guarentee a home! LOL. He knows we need shelter, food, clothes, etc, but that does NOT mean a 5 bedroom 2 story colonial style home in and up and comign neighborhood. Sometimes, it may be a one bedroom apartment, or a 2 bedroom apt with your children sharing a room. Food does NOT mean 5 star quality, 3, 4 or 5 course meals, it means he will provide what our bodies NEED for survival. Some days, that may simply be a PB&J sandwich. Andrew and I have truly learned to LOVE living on less. It is actually VERY freeing. It is SO freeing to be broken free of the iWant mentality. The I want it and i want it now, lifestyle. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still WANT things, but when I stop and think I realize that I dont NEED that and I definately do not need it to make me happy or feel important. Letting go of the iWant lifestyle not only makes you MORE content, more in love with Christ, but it also saves you money! LOL. I mean, really, is it REALLY worth it to THROW your money away on an iPhone?  super duper smooper cable package? every movie on BluRay DVD? a HUGE home with rooms you will never even USE!??? REALLY people! think about it! We are so impatient. We are so wasteful. Other countries are APPALED at the USA and how wasteful we are actually.  We think we must have everything new that comes out. We never stop and think that these companies who put out all this stuff we “need” KNOW this, they do it on purpose. They are after money! LOL. They could care less if by buying whatever we think we “need” we don’t eat for weeks at a time. They are just happy they suckered you into their little bubble of  iWant, and once they have you, they win. Andrew and I were talking about iPhone’s yesterday (among other things) and realized, there are very FEW people who actually REALLY need an iPhone. We want it because it’s cool, but we don’t really need to have internet access 24/7 or all thoes apps, in fact, I think we would all benefit from turning OFF technology once in awhile and STOP being so accessable! LOL. The money that is costs to BUY an iPhone, plust the 30.00 extra a month, or any other thing we sometimes waste money on (for me, it was purses/bags, I admit) could feed people for WEEKS in poorer countries that we are trying to reach for Jesus! I would much rather send that money to them. It was just a thought I had 🙂 this goes for ANYTHING, not just iPhones, lol. I am not saying I don’t like them, haha, if someone gave me one, I may use it (though I don’t know, cause I don’t really want the extra 30 charge a month!), I just am not going to spend MY money on it because I know I do not really NEED it. Same goes for going to movies, eating out, etc. . .this iWant lifestyle incorporates SO much. I think all of us would benefit from living a simpler life. It would solve a lot of the competitive nature, impatient spirit, selfish tendencies. . .a lot of things! I mean, remember people, when Jesus returns, or when we die, we will not and CANNOT even take any of this JUNK with us!!!! I have just been thinking of lately! Hope it made sense. . .lol


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