Fishy Smells and Potty Mouths

Eww something smells stinky mommy! I don’t think that is what she is really saying in this picture, but it is funny! HAHA. Katie loved the aquarium yesterday! She was so much more aware and talked to everyone and all the fish. She enjoyed saying hello to all the fish, and WOW to all the really BIG fish! HAHA. It was super cute and funny. We had a great day yesterday. Katie was SUPER good! She sure does love her auntie Laura, Uncle Stephen and Nana! We only had one loss. . .her pink hair bow. One minute it was in her hair, the next it wasn’t. We searched but to no avail. Hopefully it didnt’ fall into a fish tank and the fishies thought it was a snack, only to choke on it, killing an endagered species. . .oops! haha. Another SUPER funny thing that happened was I asked Katie if she wanted an Elmo cracker. She shook her head, said, yes, then “cracker elmo” and got excited. Well, my mother, who was in the front seat, thought she said, “Cracker, hell no!” LOL! I am like ummm mom, I think you need to clean our your ears. HAHA. Though, I don’t much like the fact Katie even heard the word “hell” you know? lol. i have heard horror stories of kids spouting off cuss words. I do NOT want that to be my child.  I am a pretty big stickler when it comes to that. I had to tell my family members to kindly NOT say certain things in front of Katie. Not that all of it was bad, persay, just not something I wanted her saying.  Sadly, Katie learned a word from my mom and sister I do NOT really want her saying! BOOBIES!!!!! My plan is to just NOT say it, in hopes that after they leave, it will be “erased” from her vocab. Not that things are really ever erased unfortunately. My uncle is sometimes quite the potty mouth, God bless him, i love him to death and Katie ADORES him, just adores him. I love my uncle too. He is quite the funny man. Always cracking jokes, being sarcastic, in a silly way, but also very kind, caring and loving. He was the one who walked me down the isle when I got married, because my father passed away when I was 12.  My uncle got me my car I had before Katie, because a car seat would be hard pressed to fit into a red mustang. . .i miss that car sometimes! 🙂 My uncle got me and andrew out 52″ tv! haha. He has taken us to countless lunches, dinners, loved on us, spoiled us, etc. He is now transferring all that spoiling to Katie, of course, well that and our long hair chihuahua, Roxie. HAHA, he loves dogs! Anyway, although we love him bunches, he tends to spout off, umm, not so pleasant words at times. He then of cousre, gets embarassed and is like, OH SORRY! and covers his mouth. See picture to right, It kinda looks like they are both like UH-OH!!  SOOOO, everyone pray Katie did not hear any of those words and store them away, only to come out with one to “surprise” mommy at church nursery, or in the check out line or somewhere else entirely inappropriate to use curse words. . .though, is it every really appropriate? HAHA. So, we had a great time as a family.

Next weekend, Ithink Andrew, Katie and myself, may go to the science museum. We need a mini-vaca together. We have not been together even when we are together lately. It is pretty sad. I miss Andrew and Andrew misses me, even though we live in the same house!  I am pretty sure marriage is NOT supposed to be that way 😦 So, we are going to try and get away together, and focus on family, OUR family. Last weekend, we were still settling into the apartment and andrew was doing fix it stuff and in and out of the house all weekend, the weekend before that, we moved and we had the tummy flu, th weekend before that we were packing and had horrible colds.  Andrew has had several weekends lately, where he as just had other church work, etc to do. SO, we NEED a family day, BAD! The weekend of April 10th, we are going to go to a festival with our friends in DC! I am so excited about that too. That will be wonderful!

So, sorry this isn’t much of a blog, but I just wanted to write about how great family is. They can certainly be entertaining, fun, loveable and enjoy spoiling their grandchildren. . .as long as they are not teaching her curse words in the process! LOL! 🙂


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