Is your God too. . .BIG?

Ok, so I know this sounds REALLY REALLY REALLY wierd. You are probably screaming at me that I need to have my faith balance checked or get my head examined. Before you start going off on your rants thinking I am going off the deep end, give me a chance to explain. Once I have, I think you will understand. In fact, I am pretty sure some of you are doing this very thing and thinking this way RIGHT NOW. I can almost guarentee some of you women are. Whether you have kids or not, whether you are married or not, whether you are in school or not. Do you remember VBS? Old School VBS that is. I went to OLD SCHOOL VBS! LOL. We didn’t have the WAY cool themes like they do now, the skits and dramatic presentations where they zip line down the middle of the sanctuary (yes, this has been done, at our former church in Alabama, one of the pastors was an indiana jones characher and zip lined the entire length of the sanctuary). So, I am sure that many of you remember the Old School VBS songs as well, right? What about this one??

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do,
My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.
The mountains are His, the valley’s are His, the stars are His handiwork too!
My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do!

In all respect, I don’t think this song is ENTIRELY accurate. Don’t get my wrong, I didn’t say I didn’t like it, or that the words it IS saying are not true. However, I believe that this song only shows HALF of who God is, HALF of what He is able to do, HALF of his nature to show his love towards us. What in the world!??? you are probably thinking. . .stick with me here. It will al make sense in a minute. Well, it at least makes sense to me, and I do have a tendency to have wierd brain patters and neurological connections, so perhaps it WON’T make sense to you, but at least try 🙂 haha. I blame my family for the wierd neurons I inhertied. . .lol. So, anyway, the song, and why I believe your God can be too big. Well not really TOO big, but in a way, yes. I am sure you have heard of people telling others, or even you at times, Your God is TOO small! While a lot of us feel that way at times, because we are scared to come to him with BIG things, or things like cancer, abortion, child illness, etc, we don’t think He can do anything about, this is true. We do, as fallen humans, tend to forget he CAN perform miracles, and I still believe He does. HOWEVER, I really and truly believe that for many of us our God is JUST big, and thats it. We know he can perform miracles. Some of us has witnessed those miracles. I know I have in my life. I was almost struck by lightning as a child, when I was walking barefoot and a bolt struck only a few feet behind me. Thankfully I was ok.  Another time was when my mother recovered from having UNdiagnosed minigitis. The doctors did not figure out what she had until it had already passed. THAT was a miracle, that can kill you. I have left a few minutes later than I wanted, only to discover I could have been the one in the fatal accident on the road. I was set free from a sexually, emotionally, and verbal relationship, that I know would have lead to physical if I had stayed (this may be another blog, I am still debating on whether or not to share this story on my blog, let me know what you think). There have been SO many things like this in my life that i have no problem believing God can work in BIG ways. However, I tend to have a problem believing He cares about the small things in my life too. I worry. I know I do. However, I am convinced the main reason I worry so much is because I don’t really and fully believe my God cares about the mudane, day to day, little things of  life. I know this is not true,  but yet I don’t live it a lot of the time. I dont think God really CARES that I am having a low self esteem day, pimples, a bad hair day, etc. I worry about Katie because I forget he DOES care about the words she is saying, what she is learning etc. I MEAN FOR GOODNESS SAKES! HE MADE HER! He created her brain to LEARN these things! I think he doesnt’ care that I am tired, or don’t feel good, or am struggling with little annoyances around the house. But HE DOES! First of all, Jesus was a teenager too! Just because it was in Bible times and He was God’s son, doesn’t mean he didn’t suffer from pimples and bad hair days! He also had a mom, who, in, fact, SHOCKER, was a woman! SO, I am pretty sure he had some first hand experience at those “little annoyances” she suffered with too! LOL. Jesus knows His Father cares about EVERY aspect of His life, and since we are His children too, God also cares about the SMALL things in our lives as well.

So, that is what I mean when I say your God is too. . .BIG! Remember, that God not only can work in BIG ways, but he really does care about the little things in our lives too that we feel are uninportant, or are lead to think they are by others, or satan. Girls, God really DOES care that you want to go to the prom, or that you are sad because you don’t yet have a date. Seniors, God really DOES care that you really really really want to go to a certain school. College girls, God really DOES care that you are frustrated with classes or having a hard time adjusting to being away from home. Single ladies, God really DOES care that you hurt sometimes and feel alone. Married women, God really DOES care that you get frustrated when you don’t feel your husband helps out around the house enough. AND MOM’S, God really DOES care about you and your children and EVERY SINGLE word they say, move they make, how they sleep, how they eat, etc. HE CARES ABOUT IT ALL! 🙂 I mean, the Bible says he numbered the hairs on our head! umm WOW, how boring would that be!? Although for me, that would take all of about, umm, 30 seconds!? LOL! I don’t have much, but again, God knows that frustrates me sometimes and HE CARES 🙂

29Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. 31Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:29-31

If God really cares about the ITTY BITTY sparrows, surely he care about even the most mundane things of our lives. We are the only ones created in HIS image. He loves every part of us, cares about every part and is with us in EVERY part. Remember that! He doesn’t watch “from a distance,” he is PART of us. Remember to not think God is SO big, he doesnt’ care about the little thing. God is both BIG and SMALL in that He cares about it ALL!!!


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