Life Lessons

I have been very blessed the past few weeks. God has brought some amazing women into my life.  I actually have three playdates set up for next week! I am so excited 🙂 All of the women I have met are so sincere, honest, encouraring, nice and caring. BUT, the one thing they ALL do that I need the most is SPEAK TRUTH into my life.  Sometimes, as mothers, it is SO hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. It is hard not to worry when you don’t think your child is doing something right or they are not doing it “like every other child.” These thought patterns are so toxic. They are lies straight from the father of all lies, satan. I know this, but I still worry sometimes. I still suffer from low self esteem or low confidence when it comes to being a mother. I constantly wonder how I am doing, if I am doing enough, should I do more, does she love me? does she like me? do other mothers think I am a good mom (THIS ONE CAN KILL!).  I am really working on trusting those the Lord places in my life. SO many people have spoken truth to me over the past few weeks, but sometimes, I STILL struggle to really HEAR. I listen, but I really don’t HEAR, and they are 2 completely differant things! One is simply soaking information in, one requires action. Hearing requires action. It requires me to actually BELIEVE what others say and apply it to my life.  I am almost postive that all moms struggle with this sometimes.  Women  have a tendency to be people pleasers at times. We want everyone to think we are the best, the greatest, really, to be honest, we sometimes want to be a super mom that other moms are jealous of. But these selfish acts are NOT taking what we hear and using it in our lives. It we really took what we heard and applied it, the only person whose opinion would matter should be Christ, our spouse and our children. Christ first, obvioulsy, becauses sometimes, even spouses disagree. Anway, I am learning this life lesson, some days, I fall REALLY hard. Andrew and I  have an inside joke from when we went our for valentines day, so whenever is start doubting, questioniong, listening to Satan’s lies instead of HEARING what all others have told me, he says Emily shut up with your stupid crap. LOL. I immediately start cracking up and realize how silly I am being (most of the time, I admit, sometimes I still doubt) PLease pray for me to trust those God has brought into my life to speak truth to me. Pray I will stop doubting. Pray I will realize it is OK to not be super mom, or the perfect mom, NONE of us are! But you know what? katie still loves me anyway 🙂 and so does most everyone else!

This parable in the Bible is a good reminder for ALL of us – no matter what our station in life. those of us who are already Christians can take this to heart also, because we are to be really HEARING the word, studying it, listening to it and then ACTING what we learn in our daily lives. PLEASE READ THIS HERE

Something that really got to me the other day was an ecard from a new mom friend I met. I talked of her in a previous blog. She is a Christian and has actually been involved in church planting. She is a wonderful women of God, but she too, struggles with worry alot. I know that God brought our lives together so we can encourage one another, understand one another, learn from one another, but MOST of all, hold each other accountable to NOT WORRY. Anyway, she sent me this ecard. Here is what it said, it is SO TRUE and it really made me think. . .and cry to be honest 🙂 I just was thinking about this email again and realized I still have  A LOT of work to do when it comes to worry, but I am working on it, and I ask that you continue to be praying for me. Thank you all, GOD BLESS!  I am sure she will not mind I am sharing this with you, because this is something that ALL of us parents need to hear. I am truly thankful for her.


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