Stupid Ads

Ok, there are some REALLY stupid ads out there, but flipping through my parenting magazines, I find some REALLY silly ones. SO, I decided to do a funny blog post about silly/stupid ads! LOL!

This is the first one:  

Ok, so I know that babies fall alot when walking, but REALLY!?  How dorky!!!  I am sorry, but Katie would rip that thing off in a heartbeat. It would probably make her walk WORSE, LOL! I mean it would add weight!  LOL!!!  She would have gotten so frustrated with trying to take it off, she WOULD have fallen! HAHA. JUST SILLY!!!!!!!  Sorry to those of you who think this is a good idea, i just think it seems silly. . .

Here is number 2: Hands free home Soap Dispenser

Ok, now I know  that in public bathrooms, these are just easier, but mainly for clean-up purposes. The catch line on this product is “Never touch a germy soap pump again” UMMM, ok, tell me if I am wrong, but isn’t that we are WASHING OUR HANDS!? I mean, DUH, a soap pump probably has germs, but really folks, dont us usually TOUCH the pump BEFORE you wash? therefore, once you wash your hands, the germs will be gone. . .LOL! Isnt that kind of the point of washing!? LOL!!!

Numer 3: walking wings

Really!? PARENTS HOLD YOUR KIDS HANDS! GEEZ! I don’t see how this can actually HELP a kid to walk! You want something pulling up on your armpits? I know I wouldn’t! You are supposed to have a sore back from helping your kid learn to walk haha. kidding. kind of. I think this would hike up and be it uncomfortable and constricting! They would still have to learn to walk without it, anyway.  I bet they would learn to walk faster if you DON’T use this! I can see Katie now, toppling forward because she is trying to take off, but can’t, so she faceplants. Either that, or they end up walking on their tippee toes. SO SILLY! WALKING WINGS! WHAT A GOOFY NAME! HAHAHA!

Number 4: Potty Patty or Potty Scotty

Ummmmmmmmmmmm, potty training done in one day? Need I say more? I have a REALLY hard time believing this one, even if the name IS potty patty or potty scotty. Clever. Cute name. BUT, have a hard time buying it! LOL!

Ok, so here are just a few that I  have seen so far. I will continue adding more “stupid ad” blogs as I see more stupid ads, which I am sure will  be in my next issue! LOL! I hope you lauged some when seeing these, I know me and my husband did! HAHA


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