Playdates, Skincare and Glasses

Part of the reason I started this blog up again was to introduce you to some of the people I have been meeting here in our area, and letting you know ways you can be praying. I have met several people this weekend! It has been great! God has really been working. Wow, what a few days off the computer can accomplish 🙂 Friday, Katie and I met our friends at a local library for a playdate. It has an AWESOME, I mean AWESOME play area, called Storyville (check it out here. you can bypass the intro, and see a virtual tour! IT ROCKS!). IT IS NUTS! I believe I have mentioned it before.  We met a mom and daughter that I actually met at a Barnes and noble and had given her my mommy card! She used that and emailed me and now we have regular play groups! Its great!  We are meeting again on Wednesday. So, I am excited about this opportunity!!!

That same Friday, I met another mother and her son. Katie and him both are the same age, and we are BOTH crazy worriers, lol.  Her and her husband are involved a local church have helped plant a church! She told me that it is a hard journey, but so rewarding and SO worth it.  So, of course, that got us talking. SO COOL. I gave her my mommy card and we plan to meet up again for our kiddies to play. She also said they know people, if we need help with ideas, etc, for ministry in the future. So, that was awesome! She was very encouraging and we lauged together, a lot, mainly about how silly our worries are, and how it drives our poor husbands nuts, haha.  We even have the same pediatrician and go to the same OB/GYN offices,  not that you needed to know that last part!  HAHA!

Lastly, on Sunday I had to go get my eyes checked. I went to one in our mall. Umm, totally convinent, GREAT prices and SOOOO many frames to choose from!  I got a great deal and am SUPER excited about my new glasses! 🙂 They are super cute! They are the cute 50’s looking plastic kind, omg, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I cannot WAIT until they are done 🙂 With the cold weather and dry air, my eyes have been a little dryer, which makes wearing my contacts harder. However, the glasses I have are not the right prescription (so I get a headache and sleepy) AND don’t fit my face right, plus, they are just UGLY.  I guess that is what I get for picking them out with my eyes dialated and trusting this REALLY ditzy girl to tell me, OH they look great! UGH, WHATEVER. I dont think metal big round things look good on ANYBODY! ARR!  Ok, sorry, anyway, the girl that helped me was so sweet. We started talking and she commented on how pretty my skin was and how she wished she could find something better for her skin. She then asked what I used and I told her I was a BeautiControl consultant.  She started asking me all these questions, and we talked quite awhile. She said I was totally selling her on it! I said that was not my intention, I was simply telling her I knew how she felt because I had suffered from acne my whole life. I just told her MY story about using the products. She is interested in hosting a spa!  I would love spas, because I can help other women and meet new friends. We also talked about dating and hearing from God. I saw her again today and brought her some hand creme that she had wanted to try, which she was so thankful for. When I came in and she said she had been thinking of me today, so that was cool. I hope to continue getting to know her too. – – see my beautipage here, I promise the skin care will make a HUGE diff, it did for me. I use skinlogics clear. Also, any of the manicure stuff is GREAT. it has really kept my hands from getting dry and cracking this winter.


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