Taking a Stand

Most of you know this song. Stand up Stand up for Jesus, ye soldier of the cross. I have no question or doubt in my mind that we, as Christ-followers, should take a stand for our Lord and Jesus Christ.  However, I do think that sometimes we take a stand though by putting down the people we are trying to take a stand against. I am not saying to not say truth or say what is right, true, noble, just, etc. . .but we, I am just as guilty, sometimes try so hard to take a stand that we end up pushing those away who NEED Christ the most. We should not stand up for something by tearing down others, poking fun, or mocking. That is not what Jesus did to those he was trying to teach. He spoke truth in love. Now, yes, the pharisees he got angry, but however, it was righteous anger and he still did not make fun of  them or what not. Everything He told them was truth. We need to remember to speak truth IN love. We need to take a stand so that those far from Christ will come closer, not move farther away because they see us as judgemental, unloving, arrogant or self-righteous. Sorry if this did not make sense, but it has just been soemthing on my heart alot lately. So, yes, we FOR SURE need to “stand up stand up for Jesus!” we should NEVER stop this! We should take a stand against those things that hurt our Father, that anger Him, that sadden Him. We should take a stand sometimes more than we do, actually, BUT we need to make sure when we DO take that stand it is in love and that we are not acting just as unloving as those we are taking a stand against, otherwise, what good does it do?


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