Spaghetti, meatballs, girl talk, and some Jesus

Ok, so I said earlier that at times I wanted to “introduce” you to some of the people I meet in Towson and Baltimore.  Katie is busy watching “super why” on PBS (gosh I love them! LOL) so I have time to write a more serious blog! YAY! 🙂 Ok, so, who doesn’t like spaghetti and meatballs? If you don’t, I think you may need serious help. I mean, it is SOOOO yummy! I love anything pasta really, but especially spaghetti! Katie does too! Anyway, so, this REALLY does have a point. . .all names in this story have been changed. . .

I want to introduce you to Sara. She is a sweet, bright, adorable and vibrant 1st grade girl who lives here in our building.  Everytime you see this girl, she will have a smile on her face, beaming her adorable pearly whites. She loves to help others and is, alot of the time, downstairs at the lobby desk seeing if she can help in any way.  She is polite, funny and can make you laugh, even if you are down.  She is just cute, just plain cute.  I have only talked with her a few times (but seen her alot around the building), but each time we have talked, she is happy, smiling, giggling, and always ready to share stories of her day, what she likes, and just fun little girl stuff to make anyone smile.  My other friends Nikki and Jan who work at the front desk know her better than I do, and know her background a lot more.  I have seen Sara around the building several times, and each time is see her she is smiling. I don’t think I have ever seen this girl NOT smiling. Seriously!

The other evening, Nikki shared with me a little of her story.  She lives with her brother and her mother.  Her mother is most of the time gone, either working, or whatever else she does, they don’t really know.  She is most of the time left to fend for herself.  Her brother is 12, but usually playing video games so he does not much pay attention to her either – though not on purpose I dont think, since most 12 year old boys DO like games, haha 🙂  Anyway, this broke my heart! Here is this little girl, barely 8 years old left to fend for herself most evenings. That explains why at 9 at night, I will go down to talk with Nikki or Jan and she will be down there talking with them as well.  She is SUCH a precious girl, you would NEVER know by seeing her that she has this happening in her life. You would never know by looking at her that she has a parent who doesn’t take care of her like she needs to be at such a young and impressionable age. 

2 nights ago, I went down to visit my friend Nikki, but Jan was working instead. Well, Sara was down there as well.  She was sitting behind the desk buzzing people in the building while Jan was using the restroom (See! she is ALWAYS helping people when I see her!). It was 8:30pm (her mom was still not home even though she got off work at 6).  When they got back, they went into the lounge/tv room right next to the front desk so Jan could eat.  Sara was watching TV and coloring. I came in to sit and talk with them.  Well, we discovered that Sara had not eaten dinner and was pretty hungry.  She even admitted that with a smile on her face and said, well I am hungry, but it’s ok.  Jan asked her, well do you want to go get something to eat now, or wait until your mom gets home? And she said “Oh, well we dont have any food anyway, so there isn’t anything for me to eat for dinner anyway.” 😦 that made me and Jan REALLY sad! We just looked at each other with tears in our eyes almost.  I told Sara – Sara, I am going upstairs, getting my purse, and we are going to get you some dinner, ok? She said, no, its ok, don’t worry. I asked her if she was hungry and she said, well ya. I said, ok, then we are getting you food ok? She said, ok. So, I took her across the street and we shared spaghetti and meatballs 🙂 She really liked it! We had fun girl talk. I learned about her favorite classes (math, science and P.E.), that she enjoys music, what instrument she wants to learn (the flute) and other things.  She said something about church and someone at school talking about it.  I asked her if she has ever been and she said no that her mom never goes to church, so they don’t go.  She doesn’t know about Jesus or God, but does think they are real.  I told her if she ever wanted to come with us, she can and she smiled and seemed happy, but then acted nervous and asked, but what if it’s hard? I don’t know any of the answers. AWWW!!! I think someone had told her you had to know everything and that at church they make you answer all these questions and stuff. Poor thing! Anyway, I said, well can I share why I like church and why Jesus is special to me? Would that be ok? and she said yes. So, I did. She listened, but I don’t think she is quite old enough to understand.  Please Please please be praying for sweet sara.  One thing that broke my heart was I told her one reason I love Jesus is because He is my best friend and even when I feel lonely, I don’t have to be, because Jesus is ALWAYS with me. She looked up at me, smiled and said “wow, thats cool, I don’t like being lonely, I feel lonely alot” or something similar, I dont remember exactly, but it was SO sad!!! I know she probably feels this way because her mother is not around a lot.

So, there you go. This is Sara. I truly believe God gave me this opportunity. She may not be entirely ready, or old enought to totally understand, but a seed was planted. God is so good and this was so great. I love kids and I love encouraging them.  They are so ready, willing and eager, that they just soak anything up! There is a reason that Christ tells us to  have childlike faith. It is because children don’t QUESTION like adults to. They simply believe. Please be praying for Sara, and her family. Pray God will continue to use me in her life, and through that, my friends Nikki and Jan will come closer to Christ as well.


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