Potholes and Pajamas

Ok, so at first, reading this title, you are probably thinking, WHAT in the WORLD do potholes have to do with pajamas!? Yes, at first glance, they don’t have ANYTHING to do with each other, but the pothole I am referring to is NOT on the road, it is in the bed! Our mattress now has 2 “potholes” in it. The places Andrew and I sleep have made the matress sink down, even though this mattress has a 10 year warranty and should not be doing this already. It kinda of stinks too, for me anyway, because I am tummy sleeper. Oh belly, oh belly, how I love you!  Anway, with this “pothole” in the bed, it makes it so I am sleeping at a very wierd angle if i sleep on my tummy. My tummy/back area sinks down into this pothole but my head and legs remaing higher up. So, it KILLS my back and I end up tossing and turning all night. ARRR. I love when Andrew gets up for the morning, because the center of the bed is still nice and soft and flat 🙂 So, when he gets up, I move my little self over to that spot and savor the 30 min of tummy sleep before kiddo wakes up! It is heaven! I feel like dancing and singing and jumping on the bed, “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!” Haha. We REALLY need to get a new mattress because my back aches oh so badly every morning. BLECK. A new mattress for valentines?? Not very romantic some might say, but I guess it depends on how you look at it 😉 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Now, for the pajamas. I HATE pajamas.  Actually, I LOVE them, but I cannot find any that are comfortable for sleeping. It is WAY cold here, so I wear my PJ pants, but they roll up and bunch up during the night, so then it feels like I am laying on lumps of coals or something. So, it wakes me up, I try and pull my pant legs down in the bed, which results in giving me a wedgie. Then, I try to get THAT out, but that results in making my pant legs rise up again. ARR I just can’t WIN!!! Perhaps I should try boxers and long sleeves? I COULD wear socks you may be thinking, but I cannot STAND wearing socks. I like having my piggies free! I do not like the feeling of constriction that socks bring. I don’t mind wearing them with tennis shoes or what not, I just CANNOT stand sock in bed while I sleep. Actually, I HATE it! LOL! Katie definately takes after her mommy, because as I write this, we are both going around with bare feet (yes, other parents, sue me, it’s winter and we are in bare feet in the house. I don’t think we will get pnemonia from it, so deal with it, we like it! LOL!). Katie does not like socks either. as she always wants them off as soon as we walk in the house. haha. I CAN get her to wear the Robeez shoes (without socks, of course) if the house is too cold for bare feet – THANK YOU HILARY!!!! Katie LOVES those things, I think I may need to get her more – just now now or Andrew is liable to kill me! LOL!!!

So, there you have it. Potholes and Pajamas. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or just funny comments on this please, leave one! THANKS! 🙂 May your bed be free of potholes and your night is full of comfty, fluffy pajamas – that DON’T ride up!


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