Time Out

I want a time out!  I want to go and sit in my “naughty spot” all by myself and according to Super Nanny, the length of my time out is a minute for every year of my age, which would almost 29 minutes! 29 GLORIOUS minutes of sitting by myself sounds amazingly wonderful! 🙂 haha. For those of you out there who are mothers, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!!! Shout it out ladies! HAHA. Unless you are a mother, I do not think you can fully understand what I am saying here. Our lives are full of excitment, chaos, pee-pee, poo-poo, boo-boo’s, bathtime, mealtime, messes, messes and MORE messes, laughter, giggling, crying, screaming and temper tantrums! BUT, I love EVERY glorious minute of it!!!! Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is the BEST DARN job (and fun!) in the WHOLE WORLD!!! BUT, just because it is the BEST job doesn’t mean I dont need a time out, some alone time, a break, you know! Every mommy needs to re-fuel.  I was planning on refueling A LOT today, BUT the snow outside has put a damper, yet again, on my plans. i was going to have mommy time LAST saturday, but Andrew’s computer got a virus, so he was in the office ALL weekend triyng to fix it. Then snow today. . .ARRR, I guess mommy’s time out will just have to wait 😉 Katie bug is SO fun, so its ok, I guess I can handle her cuteness a FEW more minutes! At least I got a long enough time out just now for Andrew to change the poopy diaper!!! HAHA. I may, however, walk to the theatre a block away and see a movie. I will have to see how badly the snow is coming! HAHA. LATER MOMMA’S!  Remember to take your time out! 😉


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