So, I have really not been doing well at blogging lately huh?  What, it has been over a week!?  Yikes.  To be honest, it has been a little  hard for me to figure something out to blog about.  Our family is still in the same boat. . .Andrew is still jobless. . .we are still nervous. . .and God is still in control.  It is hard for me to remember that at times, to be honest.  I KNOW He is in control in my head, but making me heart always believe it can be tricky.  Some days, I am  better about it than others.  I love my husband dearly, but being around each other so much can be a WEE bit trying.  I am sure  he would say the same thing.  As weird as this sounds, him being around all the time for me to “worry” to, sometimes make me less confident in myself.  It isn’t a good excuse, I know that times I definately need to have more self confidence!

On a somewhat (now) funny note.  I say that because it was NOT funny at the time.  Katie threw a REALLY big hissy today in Barnes and Noble!  I took her there to play and then for story time.  She was totally fine.  She was playing, waving, giggling, and talking to all the other kids. . .then WHAMO. . .out of nowhere the howls began to start.  I think she got mad because a book was gone or something, I don’t know!  I REALLY just did NOT know.  She is such a happy kiddo that when she acts like that, I am at a complete loss, because it is so rare!  LOL!  So, i tried calming her down.  I thought, hmm, perhaps she is thirsty? NO that did NOT work.  Hmm, perhaps she is hungry?  Nope, that didn’t work either.  I tried putting her BACK in the stroller and walking around, I even went outside, and again, did NOT work.  she was so upset, i thought she was going to hypervenilate!  She was obviously mad at me for SOMETHING, but it beat the heck outta me what that was!  Dang, I even tried giving her a cookie!!!!  Cookies ALWAYS make her happy, WELL, even THAT did not work.  So, of course, I had to leave story time, with all the other moms looking at me like, shut your kid up, which that is another thing that really made me mad, but that is another blog, for another day. . .anyway. . .so we left.  I was totally embarassed.  Finally, over 30 minutes later she stopped. . .that is until we walked in the door and she saw daddy. . .guess she thought she could work some self-pity with daddy too. . .


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