As Christians, many people recognize us as what we are AGAINST.  We were talking about this in Sunday School this past week.  It is very humbling actually to think about.  It is very true.  I have close friends who are disconnected from God for this very thing.  They get sick of us claiming we are so righteous and all the “rules” we have, they want NOTHING to do with christianity!  It isn’t even that they don’t believe in God, either!  They just don’t believe in “religion.”  I started thinking about it, and, sadly, it is true.  We get on our soap boxes about abortion, drugs, drinking, homosexuality, divorce, and more.  But, then we have pastors, Christians, and other church members who fail morally by committing adultery.  It does not paint a very pretty picture.  I know that these things are wrong, and we need to take a stand for them, but, we also need to take a stand for what we are FOR.  We need to be MORE so on that end!  We need to be focusing more on what Jesus was about.  He was about love, compassion, forgivness, grace, mercy, peace. . .I could keep going.  We don’t always show the fruits of the spirit very well to those around us.  We are too worried about what they shouldn’t be doing, we don’t care what WE SHOULD be doing. . .Anyway, just something to think about.  So, as Christians, let’s start showing what we are FOR in Christ, not just what we are against, and I think we may just reach a lot more people for the Lord!  God Bless!


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