Exciting day

Well, today was certainly exciting.  the best part was Katie and I taking a nap together.  she curled up next to me! it was so sweet.  I loved that moment.  I try and do it once a week.  I really recomment mommies doing that.  What an amazing bonding time and a wonderful blessing! ALSO, Katie was a stinker, in multiple ways.  First she talked to EVERYBODY she saw.  It was so cute.  She then starting pulling on me today to get my attention when I was talking to someone else! LOL! Then, she kept crawling/cruising all over the place at the bookstore and I  had to keep up with her.  SO FUNNY! THEN, for the BIG SUPER DUPER stinker of the day. . .GIANT BLOWOUT POOPY DIAPER! OMG, it was so gross! LOL.  I think she is about to get some more teeth.  WOW, that was the WORST diaper mess I  have seen EVER I think.  Worst in the history her life.  We were cracking up laughing and gagging at the same time. HAHA.  I totally wanted to enjoy the frozen pizza that was cooking in the oven (that my amazing hubby went out and got cause I was totally craving pizza, and NO I am not pregnant again! LOL), but somehow, after that episode, my pizza didn’t taste so good! LOL.

Sin is alot like that.  It looks so enticing at first, so delicious sometimes.  But, then something dirty and disguisting happens in the midst of disobeying God, and whatever it was you thought looked so good before doesn’t.  You start wondering what it was you thought was so great about it.  I know sometimes sin LOOKS better than obedience.  BUT, it isn’t.  We all sin.  We all make mistakes.  I am just glad I have a heavenly Father who is willing to help me clean up my big poopy blowouts whenever I make a mess haha! 🙂


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