Here comes Nana!

My mom is coming today.  She will be staying a week.  Both Andrew and I are really looking forward to her visit.  I know she will  be glad to see us, but I am pretty sure she mainly wants to see Katie.  🙂  I think that is how it works once parents become grand-parents.  I think they don’t care too much about us as their kids anymore.  It is all about the grandkids! Haha.  Which is ok.  We are going to use the time she is here to take a much needed dinner date together.  So, we are looking forward to that.  I think the last time we went out for dinner alone was perhaps even before Katie was born.  I know, I know, that is terrible, however, we do things alone often.  Andrew and I were talking about this yesterday actually.  Once kids come into the picture, it is hard sometimes to find that alone time that you could so easily take before kids.  It is just as, if not more, important now.  Katie goes down for bed around 7:30, so we have been using our evenings for alone time better lately, and it has been really wonderful.  Also, we have a babysitter who watches Katie for us during our counseling time, and sometimes we go walk around a little together after that.  Last time my mom was here, we took many walks alone together.  I still consider those “dates.”  You don’t JUST have to go to dinner for it to be a date or to count as quality time.  The KIND of time you spend together is more important that what you are doing during that time.  Lately, Andrew and I’s evenings together (after Katie has gone down for bed) have been better than most times we go out alone!  Also, if you take dates together alone, say for dinner, but then all you do it talk about that baby or kid related things it isn’t doing you much good either!  We have really been working toward TRYING not to talk about Katie related things once we have OUR time.  Some days we do better than others, but we are getting there 🙂 

SHE IS SO CLOSE TO CRAWLING!  She wants to BAAAAAD!  Be praying she does it within the next few days.  Her nana would LOVE to see one of Katie’s “firsts!”  However, she stood a few seconds alone yesterday!  She is also crusing a little and walks VERY well with us just holding her hands.  SOOOO, we shall see 🙂  God Bless!  Oh, and don’t forget.  Father’s Day is SUNDAY! 🙂


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