Weekend Update

Andrew and I had a great weekend!  Actually, we have had a wonderful past several days.  Now, I am still not perfect, I still nit-pick sometimes, and so does he, but I really feel like we are becomming alot more patient, loving and quick to apologize.  Thank the Lord! 🙂  We love each other so very much.  I want him to always know that and never question it.  I know Andrew wants me to always know that too.  We have a wonderful marriage and we love each other, but we are striving for a GREAT marriage!  With the Lord, I know we can accomplish that.  We have alot ahead of us, and we will both need each other’s support 100%.  Katie was great this weekend too.  She was SOOOOOO happy!  She has started babbling A LOT more.  She all of a sudden went from saying babababa, to mamamama, hahahaha, and then yesterday, nanananana (my mom’s rooting for her saying “nana”).  She sometimes puts l’s in things.  I think that would be awesome if she said lalalalala, since i love singing so much, but I am sure that is a hard one to say over and over.  She has even started saying mama alot!  Sometimes, I think she really “gets it” and is saying it on purpose!  Sometimes, if I leave the room, she gets upset and starts looking around and says mama over and over until I come back in then smiles at me.  She has also done it when she is hurting or needs comfort.  SOOOO who knows, but it is neat 🙂

One thing I truly love about the weekend is Andrew and I’s chance to worship together.  We are using these last couple of months here as an opportunity to visit other churches in the area to see what they are doing, learn some, get ideas, etc.  Yesterday, we went back to one we have visited  before.  It was great.  We had a blast together.  Their nursery is awesome.  The way they have the kids rooms set up, REALLY looks like home.  I just love that.  It is so comforting to the babies, I am sure.  Their stage is awesome too, simple, but neat.  More than the neat stuff they have, is the spirit of expectancy.  I love that about a place.  I also just love worshipping the Lord with my husband.  Our God is amazing and worthy of our praise and worship.  We can worship him daily!  It doesn’t just have to be at church.  We can love the Lord ANYWHERE! One way Andrew and I can continue worshipping together is by demonstating, to each other, the Love Christ has for us.  We can also worship the Lord by loving others with that love.  Jesus answered, when asked, that the greatest commandement was to Love the the Lord your God, but second, to love others. (READ HERE) He then explains that EVERYTHING else falls into these 2 things!  WOW crazy.  The pastor spoke of this yesterday and said that if we can “get” those two thing, we can get the Bible.  Pretty cool. 



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