New Attitude

I am trying to have a new attitude.  Yes, it can be frustrating being around your husband, though I love him dearly, 24/7, I am trying to look at it from a differant perspective.  AND it’s helping.  We are both trying to view this time in our lives from a differant view.  Rather than seeing it as annoying being around each other all the time, or letting it get the best of us, nitpick at each other more, we are both trying to enjoy this time!  I mean, how many people get to spend more time with their spouse?  Now, gratid, it came to us not of our own choice, but hey, we can still do our best to take advantage of it.  We have been doing a lot better 🙂  I hope Andrew agrees.  We have enjoyed being a family alot more lately.  I read something that said to try and find the positive in EVERY situation.  Sometimes, part of that is making yourself view things from a differant perspective.  What is something in your life that you can change your perspective on?  It might just change your attitude!

Oh, funny note. Haha note, my thing has to do with music, haha that was funny, ok maybe not, THAT funny, ANYWAYS! I think Katie likes Frank Sinatra, haha.  She started getting a little fussy this morning.  I was going through the music channels and happened to stop on “Big Band and Swing” and a song by him was playing.  She stopped fussing and stared right at the TV, mezmorize by the singing.  So, I left it on that channel, she seems to enjoy it 🙂  Hopefully she will find a guy who knows how to swing dance, because Andrew or me certainly can’t teach her. . .


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