in control

As humans, we like to have control.  I will admit, at times, I am a bit of a control freak.  Yup.  It totally adds to my worrying too.  If something doesn’t go how I think it should go, I had a tendency to freak out.  Well, today on my read through of the Bible I was reading about all the things the priests had to wear and do for going into the temple.  Wow, crazy stuff that was.  I am certainly glad, because of Jesus Christ and what he did for us, that we don’t have to worry about that anymore!  Anyway, some of the symbolism behind all of the things they did was to show their committment to God, his word and law, and to purge themselves of their sins before entering the temple.  I read today that they would put blood of a ram on the tip of their ear (to represent hearing and obeying God’s word), their thumb (to represent carrying out God’s will) and their toe (to represent following in the steps of the Lord).  Ok, first of all, GROSS, haha.  Anyway, this is part to show they are giving ALL of themselves over to the Lord and to follow him.  It then asked if we have an area of our bodies that we haven’t given over to the Lord, or that we struggle with wanting control over.  Mine is my mind.  My mind is what causes me to worry, feel anxious, think the worst of situations, freak out, do “what-if’s” scenarios.  I could keep going.  So, I am going to try and allow God’s TRUTH to fill my mind today.  If a situation arises that I want to be a control freak over, I will try and relax, and think on the things of the Lord.  No, it won’t be easy for me.  I worry. . . ALOT . . . I struggle with it every day.  Please pray for me on this.  What part of your body do you struggle with giving control to God?  Give that part to Him today!  You can trust Him! He made us!


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