A turtle and a duck

You are probably wondering why my title is called “A turtle and a duck” or if I have some parable type story to go along with it.  You may also be thinking, wait, no, thats “The tortise and the hare”.  Well, this blog is simple.  The turtle and the duck served to remind me the other day how blessed I am to have a daughter.  Most days, I am still in amazement that Katie is our daughter.  Sometimes, I keep wondering when her mother is going to come pick her up, then I think, WAIT!  YAY, you are mine to keep! 🙂  Anyway, Katie loves bathtime.  She has little toys to play with in the tub.  She bathes in our tub, because there is more room to manuever in the bathroom then in the tiny guest bathroom.  We tried that, didn’t go over so well.  I was crammed up next to the toilet!  NOT where you want to be when trying to CLEAN someone or something, haha.  Anyway, when I got a bath the other day, her toys, a turtle and a duck, caught my eye.  I had to remind myself, yes, we have a daughter, and yes she is ours!  I was so happy to see baby toys in the bathtub!  It reminded me of how several years ago I knew I was ultimately called to be a wife and a mother.  I think I am doing a pretty good job of being a mom, but don’t I am doing quite as good of a job of being a wife lately.  I am sure all first time parents struggle with finding that balance between being a parent and remaining a loving and good spouse.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am still desperately in love with Andrew and I know he is in love with me, however, I think sometimes I get caught up in being a mommy and forget about being a wife.  I don’t know if it’s motherhood, female emotions (which I think I have more of than most women), being tired (in a good way though!) or a combo of all of these, but some days my sense of humor is non existent.  I have been WAY too serious about life lately.  I HATE THAT.  Our love of laughter and being silly is something that made Andrew and me fall in love with each other in the first place.  I do think sometimes we didn’t take things seriously enough, however, in trying to “correct” that, I think we OVER corrected to where we are having a hard time enjoying life.  I don’t want that.  I don’t want to look  back on this period of our lives and say, wow, I wish we had laughed more.  I know things are stressful for us right now, uncertain, emtional, confusing and frustrating, but even in this wierd time, we can still look for reasons to laugh.  Katie does 🙂  She loves life.  She loves rolling around, giggling, not taking things too seriously.  She loves her turtle and her duck.  That is what I want.  I want to enjoy the “turtle and duck” in life right now. 


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