confessions, again

Ok, so I have some confessions to make.  I am now very much, sadly so, both unfortunately and excitedly, addicted to LOST.  hahaha 🙂

Second confession is a little more serious.  I love Katie.  I love being a mother.  I love having a family.  BUT, let me tell you what.  Some days motherhood is BORING!  I am an organized person, to say the least.  I can be somewhat OCD, haha, though that has gone dramatically downhill since Katie’s birth.  Although, many would argue that is a GOOD thing to go downhill.  I thought I would thrive on having a pretty good schedule, knowing what to expect, etc.  I can honestly say, some days I HATE it.  I don’t just get tired of it, I honestly  hate it.  I don’t hate being a mother, I just hate the monotony.  I admitted this to Andrew today (well I have before really) and told him that this must make me an awful mother.  Andrew said no, he gets bored sometimes with the day to day details too.  So, that made me feel better.  I got to thinking though.  In order to enjoy the small things in life, you have to always go through SOME kind of monotony each day.  I mean, think about it.  Every day you get up, eat breakfast (those of us who remember, or it may be 11AM, but hey), brush your teeth, get dressed, do some stuff, eat lunch, do some more stuff, eat dinner, do a few more things, get undressed, brush your teeth, go to bed.  SLEEP.  WAKE UP.  REPEAT.  Life can sometimes feel like the instructions on a shampoo bottle.  LATHER. RINSE. REPEAT.  You may use a differant shampoo everyday,  but you are always following those same directions.  So, yes, motherhood (life in general) can sometimes be boring.  It can be monotonous.  It can get old, annoying, bothersome.  Some days you may just want to quit.  However, in between those monotonous times, something amazing could be waiting!  Today, it was Katie pretty much rolling all the way over.  It was cute!  Today, it was Katie deciding to inhale all her food (and still fussed for more), that was funny.  Today, it was spewing peas all over the walls, even Jesus got to eat some peas!  MMMM!  Now, this was not funny, but it definaltey was not boring.  Today it was hopping on Andrew’s back and him doing leg presses.  Yes, the day to day routine can get somewhat dull.  Being a parent sometimes is, but it’s the times in between those “dull” moments that things can get interesting.  It’s the same with life.  Anything worth doing has SOME “negatives” to it, some aspects that one could consider boring.  So, I challenge you today to look beyond the boring and anticipate the extraordinary.  Laugh at the silly moments.  Invite the unexpected.  Don’t just LIVE life, embrace it.  I am going to try harder to do this!  God Bless! 🙂


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