Well, Katie has her first cold, or something. . .She hasn’t slept well the past 3 nights, especially last night.  Last night, she woke up at 1:00, was able to be settled for 30 min.  Then I settled her and she slept another 45 min.  Well, after that from 2:15 until about 3:30, she wouldn’t calm down.  She couldn’t breath, poor kiddo.  She wanted her pacie to calm down, but couldn’t breath with it in her mouth, so that upset her more.  The vicious cycle started.  We tried to suction our her nose, but wasn’t getting much, until, thanks to her wonderful daddy, discovered a trick.  Cover one nostril while suctioning out the other one!  YAY!  she screamed while we did it, of course, but as soon as her nose got unstopped, she crashed.  YAY for Andrew!  She then slept, without a peep, until after 7:00.  THANK GOODNESS.  So, I am like a zombie today, a little less so thanks to coffee.  MMMM coffee.  Andrew, on the other hand is the master as functioning and surviving on less sleep.  I envy him, and last night I actually cried about it.  I cried because, I am the mommy, I am supposed to be comfortiong Katie when she is sick, and then able to handle  being tired.  Andrew was so sweet.  He told me I just needed to calm down and that parenthood is a team effort.  He is so sweet.  We both ended up working well as a team last night.  I am still jealous he is better at being tired than me, but oh well. . .thats life!  At least ONE of us is ok on not enough sleep 🙂  Oh, but Katie on the other hand has also been remarkalby happy in spite of sleeplessness and a stuffy nose.  She is still gobbling down food and happy.  Guess she gets that from her daddy 🙂  Me, when I am tired, i get cranky.  So, today, i am like “self, you are tired, DON’T GET CRANKY! If, and when, you do, don’t talk, be silent.  Don’t let the crankiness win, don’t let the crankiness win.  I will NOT let the crankiness win!”  HAHAHAHA 🙂  God bless.  Happy Valentine’s weekend.  Enjoy it!


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