Today, Katie had sweet potatoes.  It was HILARIOUS!  She had orange smeared ALL the way up her face AND in her nose.  She like them though, it was funny.  Even after she got full, she would still take more food and make the “mmm i am happy, this is good” baby sound.  It was cute.  SO, that was fun!  And as we speak, she just blew sweet potatoe boogers out her nose.  MMM, maybe she was saving them for later :-).  We are hoping that she will start increasing the food she eats throughout the day, so we can give her the nighttime bottle right before bed, rather than waking her up.  If she increases just a LITTLE more per bottle, then if we can get her to drink 2 oz right before bed, it will be the same amount.  HOWEVER, I know we shouldn’t worry too much, babies eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired (most the time. . .) and will let you know when they are full.  We are trying not to worry too much about it 🙂  She is sleeping REALLY good, now watch me jinx it, hence the reason we are trying to increase her nighttime sleep.  She is still asleep when we start the day at 7:00.  She sleeps 9hrs right now, but techincally sleeps from 8 to 7, with a little “dream feed” at 9:45.  Sorry, I am babbling.  it is rainy and gross here, I am tired and have major mommy brain.  Today, we went out and I brought her bottles with the lids and sealers on them, but forgot the stupid nipples.  that was brillant!  So, I had the food, but no way for her to eat it.  Luckily Target was like 2 seconds away.  HAHA, I think I will put the extra nipples in the diaper bag. . .


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