Ok, I don’t know if I spelled that right, but i am sure everyone knows what I am talking about.

i am that today. . .
I have a cold, and am pretty tired and snotty.  Andrew would argue i am snotty all the time, haha 🙂  Andrew is the most amazing, wonderful husband AND daddy in the WHOLE wide world!  He is working from home today, feeding Katie bug and taking care of her, so I don’t make her sick and to give me some rest.  I did manage to get out and get Katie more food, though I am pretty tired now.  I never thought I would get “tired” of shopping, especially at Target!  So, i just wanted to say thank you sweetheart.  I love you bigger and way more than any words could express. . .even if i AM snotty 99.9999999 (etc) % of the time!


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