Here are some things left “undone” or that i don’t get done as much now that I am a mom.  Other moms, i am sure you can understand, and stay at home dads too! 🙂

1) I haven’t shaved in a week. . .gross, I know
2) I haven’t had a haircut since BEFORE Katie was born
3) I don’t get house stuff done as much as I would like to.  I do vacuum the area rug in the living room every day, but only because Katie LOVES watching the vacuum!  I am taking that as a good thing.  She also likes watching me fold laundry
4) Our dog really is just becomming a dog.  It makes me sad.  I don’t have as much time for poor little Roxie
5) Exercise. . .working on it though and I am feeling much better.  With Andrew’s new work schedule, thats helping.  I also did a video yesterday and Katie watched me, haha, it was funny.  i am sure she wanted to laugh at me soooo bad!

6) Sometimes, my quiet times are not so quiet, or as long as I would like
7) Breakfast, what breakfast?  more like mid-morning snack. . .
8) I need to make more “andrew time”  We are still learning. . .
9) sometimes, I need “me time” and not be afraid to be without Katie! 🙂  She will REALLY be ok!

Those are just SOME things left undone, or not done the way I used to do, or wish I could do.  Oh well!  It is worth it 🙂  I know, as she gets older, I will get more used to it as well and things will get a little easier, in a sense anyway!  YAY for the weekend!  God Bless!


One thought on “Undone

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