Rest for the Weary

Ok, so what is the ONE main thing that any new mother wants, heck even mothers in general!?  REST!  We need rest.  Somedays, thankfully less than more, when Katie has a bad day, I wonder how I even manage getting through the day, much less another nighttime feeding.  (Everyone she is SO close to making it through the night.  When she woke up friday, we gave her the pacie and she went back to sleep!  she made it till 6! Last night, not so much.  so, if you could pray that her body will not wake itself up, i think she would make it!)  Other people need rest too.  Men and women who work full time jobs, often times including overtime, those who work the night shift, those who work 12+ hour shifts!  WE all need rest.  We all have days that we feel we need rest more than others.  Unfortunately, as adults, we have too many responsibilities at times to get the rest we need.  Don’t lose heart.  God, our Father, knows this.  It is mentioned in the Bible.  Even his disciples grew weary, even Jesus himself.  I imagine this is why Jesus escaped away alone to talk with his Father many times.  He needed rest, not necessarily physical rest, but emotional and spiritual rest.  We need those kinds of rest too.  when i was reading my Bible this morning, a simple verse stood out to me.

“come away by yourself to a desolate place and rest awhile.”  mark 6:31

Jesus was talking to his disciples in this instance, right after john the baptist was killed.  Jesus knew they not only needed physical rest, but probably emotional and spiritual rest as well.  Now, I cannot escape to a desolate place as a mother, I am pretty sure that would get Katie taken away from me.  However, I can let my MIND escape by spending time each day alone with God.  Even if katie is sitting beside me.  I can let my emotions, my body and my heart be refueled by God’s powerful word and His spirit.  Even if it is only 5 minutes.  When our lives our so busy, it is hard to spend quality time with our Father, but if we can work on accomplishing that, it will be worth it.  Christ’s rest is how I make it through each day, even if my body feels like it’s running on empty.  It truly is amazing and can only be from the power of our Almighty Father!  God Bless you, moms, dads, full time workers, part time workers, students, single parents, pastors, teachers. . .ANY of you who just need some rest!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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