Baltimore Collision

Well, Katie is now 6 weeks old.  I cannot believe it.  It truly still seems like yesterday that I was telling Andrew the exciting news that we were pregnant and now, here it is, 9 months (well I guess minus 3 weeks) and 6 weeks later and we have a beautiful, adorable little girl.  Ok, so it may not be so adorable when she has her fussy time some days, but even then her fussing is cute at times, especially when she makes the pouty face!

Ok, enough about babies, sorry!  Yesterday at Journey was the first day in a new series, COLLIDE.  Eric talked about Pauls conversion story on the Road to Damascus.  He talked about how sometimes when there is about to be a change, God will stop us dead in our tracks, he will take us from the normal status quo and really shake us up a bit.  He used the phrase “God came to comfort the disturbed, but sometimes, He came to disturb the comfortable.”  That is so true.  I am not sure where we, as Christ-followers, have this idea that once we accept him, our lives will be easy, pain-free and “happy” all the time.  This is just simply NOT true.  Look at the lives of the disciples.  Many of them were peresecuted, jailed, even killed, all for the name of Christ.  It was not SAFE to be a Christ follower during a lot of that time period.  Now, in America, we are blessed we have the freedom to worship Christ, but that doesn’t mean God won’t challenge us and make us do things crazy, a little unsafe, or disturbing at times.  Eric, in order to have a personal story, interviewed Andrew about our call to Baltimore.  He did a great job and I am really proud of him.  Man though, hearing him talk and share really makes me want to move now! 🙂  I told Andrew we should move when the time changes, cause then it won’t affect us, haha, well really the baby.  ANYWAY, Eric even gave my blog a shout out, HOLLA back Eric, thanks man!  Folks, I cannot stress enough how excited I am about the call in our lives.  I know it will be hard, but I know God will be with us and guiding us.  I am excited beyond excited to share the love of Christ with the people in towson and Baltimore!  We are both truly thankful for Journey for the love and support, for the learning experience, for helping me get excited about church planting and realizing, hey it’s ok to be crazy! 😉  hehe.  So, again, please be praying for us in this journey.  We really really really need prayer, but we will also need financial support, interns, team members, and we also need a subleaser for our current place here!  Also, be praying for the job to work out for andrew there.  There are so many unknowns right now, but that’s ok.  God will tell us and show us what we need to know as the time comes.  In a way, some of the steps we are taking are blind steps of faith.  Paul was made LITERALLY blind after his encounter with Christ.  So, this tells me, we don’t necessarily need to see where we are going, we just need the courage to follow Christ and walk with him, trusting HIM to lead us and show us where to go. . .and He will. . .all we need to do is step out in faith and realize that YES!  sometimes God WILL disturb us in our comfort!


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