Soul Espresso

So, I ordered some books from CBD the other week.  I saw this book that was 2.99, so I got it.  It is called “Espress for your Spirit: Hope and Humor for pooped out parents.”  It has a scripture passage for thought, a long encourarging devotional type chapter, followed by short little funny paragraphs called “Power Perks.”  The “power perks” were cute in it today!  Here they are 🙂

“A grandmother was surprised by her seven year old grandson one morning.  He had made her coffee!  She drank what was the worst tasting cup of coffee in her life.  When she got to the bottom, there were three little green army men in her cup.  Puzzled she asked, ‘Honey, what are the army men doing in my coffee?’ Her grandson answered, ‘Grandma, it says on TV, the best part of waking up is soliders in your cup.’ “

One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm, a mother was tucking her small boy into bed.  She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice. “Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?”  The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. “I can’t dear,” she said “I have to sleep in daddy’s room.”  A long silence was broken at last by his shaking little voice. “The big sissy.”


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