First Sunday Out: Part I, and catch-up

Today will be our first Sunday out.  I am taking katie to church.  it has been 5 weeks myself since I have gone, so though I am looking forward to getting back, seeing my friends and fellow Christ-followers, I must admit I am a bit nervous too.   Honestly, I am not TOO nervous about leaving Katie in the nursery (I say that now, but we are not at church yet, haha), I am more nervous about seeing everyone and having to answer doznes of questions and feeling bombarded, though I know it will all be in love, and I appreciate it!  I do love journey, it is just wierd going back after so many weeks.  The first Sunday I missed was when Katie was born, then i wanted to wait until her month check-up until I took her to church, especially since she was born over 3 weeks early.  Everything went fine at the doctor’s office.  She is in good health.  Of course, the only concern he has, which we figured, was her weight.  She is 7 lbs now, which is good.  However, being a month old, he was hoping for her to be a little bit more.  He did say she is doing well considering she actually lost weight twice, once when we left the hospital (which is normal), but then at her week check-up she had lost some more.  That is why we are combining normal breastfeeding and pump and feed.  That has worked, because she gained an ounce a day this past week!  SO, it appears Katie is catching up.  We are going back on the 13th to check her weight again, and Dr. Glaze thinks she will be just fine, but he wants to check.  The good news about this doctor is he is NOT quick to give up on breastfeeding, like some are, just because her weight gain is slowe. . .praise the Lord!  I have a feeling the worst we would have to do it begin to pump and feed everytime, to ensure she is actually eating.  So, this is a prayer request. . .please be praying I can continue to use my breastmilk to feed Katie, no matter how it needs to be used.

Something worthwhile:  The Baby Boot Camp had another neat thing this morning, one that can apply to anyone weary or tired, not just moms.  It is talking about the “night shift” as a mother and how we are truly tired and in need of rest.  She explains how our Lord was also most likely tired at times taking care of those around him, the sick, the needy, his disciples.  She says that in today’s culture, that is what a vacation is for (though many of us have a hard time taking that much time off!).  but, weekly we have it too, the Sabbath, daily, we can have it through naps (some of us maybe!).  She then says “moment by moment, that is what your relationship with the Almighty Father is for.”  We can always rely on Him and he will get us through, even those tiring and weary times, the times where we cannot take a nap, much less a vacation!  GOD BLESS!


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