faith in buckets

So, yesterday I felt like watching a movie.  I sometimes order myself an on demand movie, because we get some of them in HD.  I was trying to decide between Mrs Pettigrew lives for a Day and The Bucket List.  I ultimately choose the bucket list.  It is about 2 guys (morgan freeman and jack nicholson) who have cancer and only a certain amount of time to live.  they create this list called “The bucket list” which is a list of a bunch of crazy things that they want to do before they die.  I find this funny because last week at growth group we were asked to share 2 things we wantede to do before we died.  I said Chase and see a tornado and swim with sharks.  The shark thing MAY be possible, i could maybe do it at the baltimore aquarium, though that wouldn’t be the same as swimming with them for real in the ocean. 

Ok, so anyway there was a pretty good quote in the movie that spoke to me.  They were flying on a plane over the Arctic circle, i believe.  Morgan Freeman’s character was talking about how beautiful the stars were and he said they were “some of God’s best.”  The other character didn’t get why he believed in this super power that created everything and morgan freeman responded that it takes faith.  Jack Nicholson then repsonds to that by saying “Faith, you know, I actually envy people with faith, but I can’t seem to get my head around it.”  Morgan Freeman says “It’s faith, maybe it’s your head that’s getting in the way.”

I realized I am Jack nicolson most of the time.  I wish I could say i wasn’t, but i am.  If I would quit letting my head get in the way I would not be so anxious.  I would learn to trust, rather than fear.  i know all of us worry at times, but I confess it is probably the thing I struggle with the most.  In growth group the follow up question about the 2 things before you die one was what do you want people to remember most about you.  Ironically, i want people to admire my faith.  I want people to remember me as WOW, she had amazing faith and always trusted in God.  Well, in order to achieve that, I really NEED to STOP letting my head get in the way and just focus on Christ!


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