Mom 101

Well, this past week I enrolled in Mom 101.  My mother, Katie’s Nana, came to visit.  The visit was wonderful and she was so sad to have to say goodbye to little katie.  I don’t think she really cared about Andrew and me, hehe, kidding mom!  She cooked for us too!  She made us pot roast with carrots, potatoes and onions, PLUS a healthier, non-breaded, version of chicken parmsean, in which she adds zuchinni slices around the chicken to bake, YUMMY!  We have leftovers that we are eating tonight, woohoo.  I was truly blessed to have my mother here.  She helped calm me down, encourage me, and just be there for me when I had an OMG I am a mom moment.  I know other mothers have those too, at least I hope so.  I love Katie soooo very much already, but I have a tendency to let my mind become consumed with what-ifs, fears, anxieties and just stupidity really.  I let satan control my thoughts too often and I know that will NOT be a good example for Katie.  I am really working on calming down and turning off those voices.  As a new parent, you just want to do everything right, you want your kid to be happy and healthy.  It is hard sometimes because we realize we are not perfect, I WILL make mistakes.  however, while she is an infant, all she needs is love and to know her mommy and daddy are there.  If we make a few mistakes along the road, she won’t remember them. . .at least for another few years, phew! 🙂 

So, please be praying for me in this new role.  Pray I trust in the Lord fully, and let go of unfounded worries.  other mommy encouragement would be greatly appreciate during this time of adjustment.  This week, Andrew’s mom, or Grandma, will be coming to visit for a few days.  So we are all looking forward to that as well!


One thought on “Mom 101

  1. Hey Katie
    I am Nolan Pounds wife. We just had our son, Josiah the same week
    Katie was born. Satan messes with me too as a new mom. So many
    insecurities that I have right now. Our moms they have been there; my mom is not able to come up so I have called her so much for reassurance. You are in my prayers. Teach Katie about Christ and His love you’ll be the best parent in the world
    In Christ

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