Feeding Frenzy

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and Baby Katie!  I just wanted to do a quick update about the feeding situation.  Things have become considerably better thanks to our wonderful friend, Jay.  Ok, so that may sound a little bit ummm well something, haha.  No, not physically him, but because of some advice he gave us on feeding.  When their little boy was born, his wife was having the same problem I was having, so he told us what they did.  We got it, it worked right away, and it has still been working!  Apparantly, she was having latch on problems, but that is about all the detail I will go into.  Well, thanks to some neat inventions, we found this breastfeeding watchamacallit dohicky thingy at Target that helps for that problem! 🙂 So, thanks to Jay for the great advice and thanks for Medela for making the product!  It has worked wonders.  Even though it had been less than a week, I was about to give up and could understand how people give up on breastfeeding after a short while.  Katie was only feeding from one side and a very short time, so I was pretty stressed out, crying, etc, because I was worried she wasn’t getting enough.  Well, Medela, your product works!  And jay, thanks for the tip! (haha, kinda literally!!!) 🙂 Thanks for your prayers, things are going WONDERFULLY!  I absolutely love being a mother.  So, ladies out there, if you are having a similar problem, don’t give up, check out the link to the product, I promise, it works! God Bless!


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