weekend recap

Wow, Andrew and I did a ton of stuff this weekend.  Andrew was pretty busy yesterday as well, it was the first day in awhile we have had to tear down.  During the summer, since we are at a school, we can leave things up from sunday to sunday.  Oh how nice that is!  We also took some more loads of stuff over to our new place.  Today, we have been running errands almost all day, and loading and re-loading the car to take yet MORE stuff over to the new place.  I must say though, I am loving my Mazda 5 right now.  It holds WAY more stuff than you would think!

Journey church was pretty good yesterday as well.  It was the last Sunday I will get to be in worship with my husband.  Next week its back to JourneyKidz.  This summer, our wonderful children’s minister found volunteers to give the regular workers a break.  Me and another are pregnant, so we have enjoyed the break.  BUT, I am looking forward to getting back in there, especially since I will be having to take some more time off from the kiddos when Katie is born.  ONLY 8 MORE WEEKS!  WOW!  I just cannot believe how fast it has gone by!  We are so so so excited.  I cannot wait to meet Katie Renee Kulp!

I hope everyone else is just doing wonderful. . .any new mom / new family advice would be greatly appreciated!  GOD BLESS!


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