God truly amazes me each day.  Things are really starting to move forward for us to move to Baltimore, and it is happening in BIG and AWESOME ways.  For now, please just be praying for things to run smoothly.  Well, first, our house sold!  YAY!  SO that is so awesome, it sold by owner, literally right before we were going to sell it through a realtor, cause we were giving up on the FOR SALE BY OWNER.  WOW!  Amazing.  So, things will be all paid off before moving to Baltimore, it makes me more comfortable about not worrying about staying home with Katie.  We had already decided I would be a stay at home mom, but now it is much less worrisome for me 🙂  God truly provides, and it is so neat to see how He does it in such neat ways.

So, we have been packing up the house, because we are closing in about 2 weeks.  The house packing is going GREAT!  Just be praying for the rental we found to go through with no problems.  We are just waiting to hear from the owner (through Prestige properties) about Roxie.   Both don’t think it will be a problem.  Actually, the lady who first rented to me when I came here, through a differant realtor, was at Prestige.  She immeditately rememberd me and rememberd how great a tenant I was, and how Roxie was totally fine, so she will vouch for me, YAY COOL!  She actually got the pet thing cleared for me the first time, AND got me able to move in before the 1st of the month, no extra charge.  So, we feel ok about it, and since they told us not to worry, we are trying not to.  SO, just be praying for Puppy Grace 🙂



One thought on “Prayers

  1. YAY, GOD!!!!!!

    Praying for you guys, Em… HANG IN THERE, NOT TOO MUCH LONGER! 🙂 Pretty soon, you guys will be Baltimorians! Or Towsononians… or something. 🙂

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