Dogs are Smart. . .

Yes, I believe dogs are smart.  They have a very keen sense of what is going on around us.  I think our dog, Roxie, knows something is up with me.  I know for SURE she knows we are about to leave.  She knows what it means to pack.  I feel bad when we cannot take her, because she LOVES riding in the car and going on trips.  Well, yesterday I was packing my stuff for Baltimore so I could be ready to help Andrew with his stuff tonight if he needed me to do any last minute laundry etc. . .Well, poor little Roxie saw the suitcase come out and she immediately started dancing around and turning circles, her little “happy dance,” I like to call it.  Well, of course, she isn’t going with is, so none of her stuff ever came out of the closet.  So, now I think she is nervous, wondering what we are going to do with her while we are gone.  Last week she was sick with the “puppy flu” and was doing so much better for 3 days, until yesterday when she had a relapse.  I think it scared her, so she didn’t eat again last night or this morning 😦  We are leaving for our vacation/scouting trip tomorrow so I am a little worried about leaving her, poor little thing.  But, the vets did SO many tests last week, she went three days in a row, plus stayed over one night, so I KNOW she doesn’t have anything serious.  I think I make it worse for the poor thing by getting worked up.  She totally senses my hormone induced moods.  SORRY ROXIE!  So, I am going to try my best not to get frustrated with her.  We are having a good friend stay at the house and Roxie likes him, so hopefully she will be alright, if not, it’s back to the vet for the little pooch.  That stinks, I wouldn’t want to be in a cage all day, would you?  The only reason people have to be in one is for doing something wrong, so it’s “puppy jail”, except she didn’t do anything wrong (unless feeling bad is a crime).  So, hopefully she will eat at least something for Josh when he is there.  Ok, sorry enough talk about my dog!

Although I am sad to leave her when she doesn’t feel well, I am very excited about our trip.  We leave tomorrow YAY! (so, I dont know how much I will blog while we are gone).  I am looking forward to scoping out our potential area to launch the church.  There are even some fun 4th of July festivities going on!  So, we can have fun WHILE doing our research!  That is totally the kind of research I like to do 🙂  So, just be praying for the Lord to truly speak to both of our hearts, and for Andrew and myself to come away from this trip knowing for sure where we are to plant, and for us to be in agreement.  Have a great 4th everyone!  God Bless! OH!!! and pray for Roxie 😦  hehe


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