Demonic Pigs

I have been reading through the New Testment.  I know this may sound wierd, but I actually am ending with reading the gospels, so I have read through the rest of the New Testement (except Revelation) and have started on Matthew.  I read the end of Matthew 8 and part of Matthew 9 today.  I have to admit, I did have to laugh a little at this story.  Of course, I know it, have heard it, and have read it before, but it always makes me giggle.  Read it HERE.  The thought of Jesus putting demons into someone’s herd of pigs is rather amusing, and it is also rather amusing the demons WANTED to go into pigs.  I don’t know, it just makes me laugh.  Then the stupid demon possessed pigs walked right off a cliff, all following each other, like lemmings, and drowned!  HAHA, it is kinda a funny picture when you think about it.  Jesus is so cool.  Then another funny part is Jesus got kicked out of the region for killing someone’s herd of pigs.  LOL!  I guess if I was the pig breeder / farmer, or whatever you want to call him, I may be a little peeved if all my pigs became demon possessed and walked of a cliff.  So much for bacon with your eggs for breakfast!

Ok, so while this is an amusing picture, there are some lessons in it that I thought of today.  For one, Jesus loves us.  He healed those 2 man of their demon possession.  While the Father created the world and everything in it, including pigs, He loves us even more.  He would rather loose a herd of pigs, then 2 people’s souls.  Second, Jesus was following the will of His Father, remaining perfect, and he got kicked out of the region for it!  I hope as Christ-followers we can be following God’s will and be so crazy that it DOES irritate people, and heck, maybe even gets us kicked out of somewhere!  Remember, you cannot please both man AND God, and trust me folks, if you are truly seeking God’s will, you WILL NOT please man and you WILL make people mad. . .bottom line. 

So, what crazy pig stories do you have!?


One thought on “Demonic Pigs

  1. Wow… that’s a pretty powerful devotion, Emily! I thoroughly enjoyed that! Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I’m praying for you and Andrew… AND KATIE!! 🙂 Baltimore needs people like you guys… even more so because you have crazy pig stories. 😉

    Darren (D Plum)

    p.s. Check out Holly Furtick’s sister’s site… she and her husband, Jody, are friends of mine… and her name’s Emily, too! 🙂 Check her out at

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