Weekend Replay

So, this weekend overall was GREAT!  It was a little rainy, muggy, nasty some of the time, but yesterday turned out to be pretty nice.  Friday we had a nice relaxing evening at home, ate dinner and watched a movie together.  It was a silly, no brainer movie, so it was nice to just have something stupid to laugh at. 

Saturday, we didn’t get to sleep in, but it was still a good day.  Andrew and I went to the churches money seminar and it was actually really great.  Casey Graham did an excellent job and you can really see his love and passion to help people live to their fullest, get out of debt and learn to be wise with their money and resources.  Something else cool we did Saturday was give our money away from our churches “reverse offering” the week before.  Andrew and I added a little extra to what we each received and got Winn Dixie gift cards.  We then walked around the store and looked around, and listend to the Holy Spirit, for someone we felt could use a little help with their groceries.  I gave it to a sweet lady with a newborn.  She had several cans of formula in her cart (which costs ALOT!) plus she was getting groceries.  As soon as I saw her walk into the store I knew that was who God wanted me to bless with the card.  When I gave it to her she smiled so big and said thank you so many times and even gave me a huge hug.  It was really cool that you could see in her eyes and hear in her voice she needed that little bit of help and was truly appreciative.  HOW AWESOME!  Andrew and I think we may start doing this every other weekend, because it was truly one of the neatest and most amazing experiences I have ever had! 

Later that day, we went to Hobby Lobby and got some REALLY cute things for Katie’s nursery!!!  ALL ON SALE.  They match the bedding perfectly and I am very excited to be able to start putting things together.  We decided it would be better to get bits and pieces here and there, rather than trying to get everything all at once.  It makes budgeting much easier!

Sunday was great too.  JourneyKidz was neat.  Our lesson was on how God will provide your needs.  The kids actually told the stories of how God used them to provide for someone else’s needs through the reverse offering. The really neat thing was how God provided for me afterward, which was cool considering the lesson was on that!  I am continuing to work out while pregnant and have really enjoyed it.  However, I was in need of some maternity workout shorts.  My pre-pregnancy workout clothes all still fit, but with my growing belly some of my shirts are rising upward and my shorts are getting shorter, haha.  So, after church Rachael, another volunteer, and pregnant as well 🙂 told me she had some things in her car given to her by someone else.  They were my size so I could take them!  Well, there was 2 pair of workout shorts!  YAY!  I was very excited, thankful and blessed.  It was pretty humbling.  There was even a maternity swimsuit in there as well.  That was nice because I didn’t really want to spend money on buying one to wear only a few times, so I was excited!  Now, I will have something to wear when we visit Andrew’s family in Florida!  God is so awesome.

So, folks, God really will provide your needs.  Not always in the way we expect, but he will, he promises.  In fact, there are MANY stories throughout the entire Bible of how God has provided.  Check it out!  He will not always provide “wants”, but he will always provide the needs.  I didn’t necessarily “need” a brand new maternity swimsuit or workout shorts, but God knew I needed something to wear, and He provided.  It was neat.  Think back through your week this past week. . .how has God provided for you? 

And, yesterday was mother’s day and my husband surprised me with flowers, a HUGE card that sings when you open it AND cooked the most amazing lunch 🙂  I felt very loved.  It was a wonderful and special day together.  I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!


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